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    Crysta.. A redefining experience

    4 years ago | Arvind

    User Review on Toyota Innova Crysta [2016-2020] 2.8 GX AT 7 STR [2016-2020]

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    Fuel Economy


    Value for Money


    Few thousand kilometers


    - The exterior is fully redesigend compared to the old innova, when you drive and see the onlookers you know they are admiring the looks; been through police check posts where even the Civics are stopped for but Crysta goes through.. The taxi look is gone and the front is high, agressive and stylish..

    - Added only fog lamps, door visors and rear bike protector as exterior accessories..

    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

    - Interior is fun ad the midle seats placed higher than the front makes the position more stately..

    - First, I was looking for middle bench seats by company program only allows for captain seats (7 seater restriction by RTO)  but once you use it the comfort is good.. One minor issue is the protrusion of seat bar into the back if you recline much but practically such recline is not needed..

    - Planning to fill the gap with a custom stool to have the required flexibility of a 3 seater in the middle row..

    - The last seat is fun.. Surpisingly its a 3 seater and we did try 3 5'6" adults at the back.. If someone sits alone he can stretch his legs through the captain seats gap.. Sleeping is even more fun as the sides are raised like a pillow..

    - Less on features inside, even music system is missing.. Got a SONY fitted by dealer and it works good. other accesoories were wooden consoles on front as well as on doors and scuff plates..

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

    -2.8 Diesel is wow ; There are 3 modes Eco, Normal and Power.. Till now I have used Eco only and there is no dearth of power.. In Automode 120kmph is achieved at 1900 RPM, it seems there is a cruise mode above the sixth gear where rpm is lower..

    - Since all power is delivered low, I have never been above 2200 rpm and engine is really inaudible inside the cabin.. Once I tried the power mode and it was too much power for me to control..

    - I have done 2000kms and the average for last 1000kms is shown as 6.9L/100km which is 14.5 and it includes all kinds of traffic..


    Ride Quality & Handling

    -My other car is 2006 city.. The steering precision is not so good but the ride quality is impressive especialy on undulating roads..

    - almost no tyre noise and it seems that the car is gliding on straight roads..

    - on uneven/undulating roads one feels the body roll due to higher seating position.. visibility for me

    - potholes are absorbed well but as a sedan driver I am taken aback by the springy feel of the absorbers.


    Final Words

     -It has been an amazing experience driving the Crysta and its a definite recommendation..  mix of city and crysta works great for my family..


    Areas of improvement  

    - Increased equiptment levels including adjustable driver seat for this 19L on-road car..

    - Steering control at higher speeds..


    - Exterior redesign, engine, ride-quality, space, third-row- driver seat not adjustable, dust-catching black interiors, roll on uneven roads
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