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    2021 Tata Safari Review | A Proper 7 Seater SUV or Just a Harrier with More Seats | CarWale

    Without a rugged, body on ladder construction, without any sort of four wheel drive option, and being only a front wheel drive SUV, does the All new Safari still have enough cred to carry the Tata Safari torch? Or should we see it just as an extension of the Tata Harrier ; a Harrier with extra seats really? Would that be missing the point? Could this new SUV in fact be a proper 6 / 7 seater SUV currently missing from the market? Could the all new Safari be all the SUV you need for Rs 25 lakh? Vikrant Singh drives and lives with the all new Safari to answer these very questions. He looks at comfort, ease of driving, features, performance, and safety to tell you if the all new Safari is in fact outstanding enough to be your default purchase.