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    Tata Altroz On Road Price in Shahjahanpur

    The Tata Altroz Price in Shahjahanpur starts from ₹ 7.18 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 11.68 Lakh. Altroz is a Hatchback, offered with a choice of 1199 cc Petrol and 1497 cc Diesel engine options. The Altroz on road price in Shahjahanpur for 1199 cc Petrol engine ranges between ₹ 7.18 - 11.30 Lakh. For Diesel engine powered by 1497 cc on road price ranges between ₹ 8.89 - 11.68 Lakh.
    Altroz XE Petrol₹ 7.18 Lakh
    Altroz XE Plus Petrol₹ 7.51 Lakh
    Altroz XM Plus Petrol₹ 8.17 Lakh
    Altroz XT Petrol₹ 8.72 Lakh
    Altroz XE Plus Diesel₹ 8.89 Lakh
    Altroz XT Petrol Dark Edition₹ 9.21 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Petrol₹ 9.31 Lakh
    Altroz XT i-Turbo Petrol₹ 9.36 Lakh
    Altroz XZ (O) Petrol₹ 9.41 Lakh
    Altroz XMA Plus Petrol₹ 9.42 Lakh
    Altroz XM Plus Diesel₹ 9.58 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus Petrol₹ 9.86 Lakh
    Altroz XT i-Turbo Petrol Dark Edition₹ 9.87 Lakh
    Altroz XTA Petrol₹ 9.97 Lakh
    Altroz XZ i-Turbo Petrol₹ 10.05 Lakh
    Altroz XZ (O) i-Turbo Petrol₹ 10.05 Lakh
    Altroz XT Diesel₹ 10.14 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus Petrol Dark Edition₹ 10.19 Lakh
    Altroz XTA Petrol Dark Edtion₹ 10.42 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol₹ 10.47 Lakh
    Altroz XZA Petrol₹ 10.52 Lakh
    Altroz XT Diesel Dark Edition₹ 10.59 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Diesel₹ 10.69 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol Dark Edition₹ 10.80 Lakh
    Altroz XZA Plus Petrol₹ 11.08 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus Diesel₹ 11.24 Lakh
    Altroz XZA Plus Petrol Dark Edtion₹ 11.30 Lakh
    Altroz XZ Plus Diesel Dark Edition₹ 11.68 Lakh
    Tata Altroz XE Petrol


    XE Petrol
    Ex-Showroom Price
    ₹ 6,29,900
    ₹ 49,093
    ₹ 36,555
    Other Charges₹ 2,000
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    On Road Price in Shahjahanpur
    ₹ 7,17,548