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    Rolls-Royce Wraith User Reviews

    Looking for Rolls-Royce Wraith? Here are the reviews and ratings by Wraith owners from across the country.

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    ₹ 5,00,25,840
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    • The perfect car
      The thing I only want to say is that if any perfect car is been ever made is the Rolls Royce wraith . Wraith is the emperor of the cars and the person is king who drives it. It has the power and race. The wraith stand the warrior within, It's a perfect combination of sports and comfort.
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      1 month ago | The Spirits
    • King of cars.
      This is a wonderful car and this car gives luxurious experience. Pros is it's amazing looks and interior, there are many colour and many interior colour options in this car and cons is their high price and their mileage, their servicing, fuel economy of this car is not very good. This coupe is a king of coupe.
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      1 month ago | Parth Saxena
    • Totally amazing/ different
      Its totally amazing and different .then others . I am very after buying rr wraith. Because its value able and unique. Better. Totally luxury and if your lover of luxury items don't think just buy ..
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      6 months ago | Josi
    • Amazing day
      I loved it it was a great experience . this is amazing car .I want just drive this it's my love . really rocking the depth of my heart. it's magical.its Good.wraith means amazing car.
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      6 months ago | Navnit kumar
    • Synonym for luxury is rolls royce
      When you talk about luxury this is the first thing you need to look at... Best in class, best in comfort, give you the feeling of King as you drive it around. Putting your money in this is worthful in every aspect as no other machine is anywhere around it. Each and every corner of the car has a luxury erupting feel.
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      10 months ago | Amreshwar pathak
    • Just a appreciation post.
      I 've just bought the wraith, well actually my dad did but I've driven it for nearly 700 kms and my experience was awesome. we don't usually write reviews over sites or such as we believe in the mouth to mind or person review. But wanted to make sure to give individuals who would be billionaires in future inspiration and just wanted to say to people good luck buying a Royce cause we know you people will do it someday. Best of luck luck.
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      1 year ago | Nipun gangurde
      WELL I CAN'T AFFORD A RR, But yeah i have deep love towards RR WRAITH. The looks this car has, is the look no other car can have. The classy looks with some spray of sporty look. Best for couples but one thing i always wonder is that- ONE BOUGHT RR WILL OVIOS BE A VERY RICH PERSON AND THEY USUALLY DON'T DRIVE.?? DRIVER.
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      1 year ago | Ayush Agarwal
    • New Era of Modern Engineering.. . .
      The amazing satisfy all dream interiors in the car. The exterior look amazing. The wonderful look. It attracts all eye to car to say wonderful design. Interior are amazing for all comfort for human. Exteror are akso amazing. The wonderful driving experience make us feel proud from bottom of our heart. It gives deep blood increase in our body after getting all dreamy features of car. The amazing car of the year.
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      3 years ago | Sumra akhtar
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