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    If you are considering buying Renault Kwid 1.0 RXT AMT - read my review first - STAY AWAY IS WHAT I WOULD ADVISE

    9 months ago | Arghya Bagchi
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    1)Buying experience: Not the best, Car was not delivered at the committed time, found problems with extra fittings and had to take my car to the dealer within 3 days of purchase 2)Riding experience is not good: The gear changing is not smooth. The vehicle always starts with a jerk. Have complained about it several times but in vain. The workshop says it is normal. Moreover, the gear changing system already had a problem 3 times and some solenoid had to be replaced. The workshop does not exactly explain the cause. I do not know what will happen after the completion of the warranty period. AMT for Renault Kwid should not be bought - Manual transmission is still ok. Moreover, the suspension is not smooth. It makes a loud noise when moving over a pothole. The shock absorber is not of good quality - it deteriorates quite fast. My car has only run 11000 kms now and the shock absorber already has lost its rigidity. 3. Looks are good compared to the other vehicles of similar range. However, the performance has been found wanting in all dimensions. Several times the gear changing system have had a problem. Thrice the solenoid motor got replaced under warranty. God knows what will happen after completion of the warranty period. The suspension is very substandard. The shock absorber has already lost its rigidity after driving 11000 kms. The shocker is hitting the body after getting fully compressed. On complaining to the workshop, they are saying that this is normal and present with every car. 4. Servicing is a big issue with Renault cars. The workshops have been found to be lying to customers about the work done by them and there is a serious lack of trust. Once the mechanics were caught red-handed, claiming to have opened and greased the suspension, where as the suspension was never opened after manufacture. Gear shifting is problematic. Any problem with the gear and the car would stall there. Its not like manual gears where you can do something based on your experience. The gear mechanism had to be repaired about 4 times within a odometer of 11000 kms. I get my car services at Renault Kolkata Central workshop at Mehmanpur, Kolkata 5.Renault KWID is really a nice car for the price as far as the looks goes, but built wise its very weak and substandard. The body is so soft that even if you box the body anywhere, there will be a big dent on the body. The fuel consumption within the city is very high - as high as 9.7 km/litre of petrol. On highways I got about 18.5 kms with Aircon. I thing other AMT's are much better than Renault KWID - so better stay away from it.
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