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Buying Used Maruti Suzuki Alto

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Maruti Suzuki Alto

Simplicity at its best.The Alto is a simple car with a good resale and it should make for a good used buy.

The Alto has been the predecessor of the A Star worldwide and was phased out once the latter was launched around the world as the new Alto. But not in India. And with the Alto still going strong and outselling the A-Star, Maruti would see this move as a good one. The Alto is an A+ segment hatchback with compact dimensions. The design is decade old, and hence it does look dated when compared to new offerings like the Eon or even the Alto K10 for that matter. The interior styling is simple and the plastics and buttons look like they are built to a cost.


Alto has never caused any major trouble, and there isn’t anything significant to watch out for. The only thing that you need to be careful about is whether the owner has been getting the car serviced on time and if there are any tell tale signs which may point to an accident or accidental repairs like repainted body panels or a misaligned monocoque.

The good bit is the build quality isn't too bad so things don't fall off or stop working easily. In terms of space, the car is tight on headroom and legroom and even though it can seat four, it's always a squeeze. The boot meanwhile can holda couple of suitcases. The Alto in the used market comes with two petrol engines - a 800cc and 1000cc. The latter is the new Kseries engine and only comes on the Alto K10. Don't expect too much in terms of ride quality from the Alto. It does handle the grind of driving in traffic quite well. It is easy to see out of and the light clutch and small dimensions help as well.


Chevrolet SparkChevrolet Spark is a good alternative. Not only is the design more contemporary, but even the interiors are spacious and the plastic feel more upmarket than the Alto. The engine is refined and very much drivable; this comes mated to 5-speed manual gearbox. The ride is well sorted and the car is a breeze to drive. Topped with Chevy’s 3 years warranty scheme, most of the owners get their cars serviced on time. So it's not difficult to find a good one.


The simplicity of its design and the low maintenance cost makes Alto one of the best vehicles to own. Due to this reason, the Alto has low depreciation value and cost of the used one is generally higher than larger cars. Buying a used Alto is a good idea, but we will recommend you to buy a well-maintained bigger car only if it is available at a similar price.

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