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Checklist: Buying Used Mahindra Renault Logan

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NOTE the CNG conversion kit attached to the 1.4 litre petrol engine is a factory fitment. The engine though starts running completely on CNG only after you have revved the engine past 2000rpm the first time, so having a bit of petrol in your fuel tank is a necessity. It is frugal, but your patience will be tried when you are trying to keep up with traffic as the performance of the car drops significantly in CNG mode, though running cost are greatly lowered as well.

Mahindra-Renault Logan Engine

CNG Tank

THE car comes with a 15kg CNG tank housed in the boot. It does eat into the big boot space that you would otherwise generally get, but it still leaves quite a bit of room for luggage. And since the CNG kit is a factory fitment, the number of niggles you will face will be lower than other after market fitments. Though we suggest you resist the temptation of fi tting an extra tank like a lot of people do; it hampers the handling dynamics of your car and also ensures your rear shock absorbers wear out faster.

Mahindra-Renault Logan CNG Tank

CNG Controls

THE controls/switch for activating the CNG mode is placed on the dashboard near the air-conditioning controls. You can choose to drive the car completely on petrol or on CNG. There are three lights on the CNG control which indicate the amount of CNG that is available for use and when you are running low on gas. So ideally if you have petrol in your car, you could change modes very asily at the fl ick of a button. The petrol mode though will get you from point A to B faster than in CNG mode.

Mahindra-Renault Logan CNG Controls
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