Tata reportedly shelves the Tamo Racemo

7 months ago | Bilal Ahmed Firfiray
Tata reportedly shelves the Tamo Racemo

Tata Motor’s ambitious project of making a home-grown two-door mid-engined sportscar, Tamo Racemo, has been reportedly shelved for good. The high cost of investment and shifted focus towards the commercial vehicles has been the alleged reasons for the indefinite hold on the Racemo.

According to reports, the company’s commercial vehicle division has come under pressure of late and the carmaker is ‘currently going through a turnaround phase with a strong focus on improving the bottom line by rigorous cost reduction and sales enhancement leveraging the superior new products.” The Mumbai-based carmaker also came to realise the premium product won’t be able to witness the expected success in the country yet and hence may not be worth the huge investment.

Tata announced a new Tamo vertical dedicated to explore innovative ventures within the passenger vehicle business. The Geneva Motor Show stage was when the Racemo Concept was revealed with much fanfare. It also debuted the all-new MOFlex platform, a structural technology that enables greater freedom in surface design with efficient and large-scale part integration leading to modularity and faster time to market. With scissor doors, muscular and futuristic body panels, and a mid-mounted powerful engine on promise, the Racemo was highly expected to hit production by next year. 

Tata has admitted that their future product plans are being reviewed as well, based on the dynamic business situation. With plans for this exciting sportscar now in a cliffhanger, Tata is gearing up for the launch of the much-awaited Nexon crossover in the country. Meanwhile, the Racemo can be driven in its virtual avatar in the popular Microsoft gaming franchise, Forza Horizon 3. It is uncertain for now, whether Tata will showcase the Tamo Racemo at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo.

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