Honda City Automatic ZX CVT i-VTEC Long Term Report 1

January 25, 2018, 10:51 AM IST by Vikrant Singh

Long Term Report 1

Pros: Rear Space, large and plush seats all round, driver’s visibility

Cons: Poor resolution reversing display, boot closing lacks damping

20 years.  That’s how long the Honda City has been on the market. And, in that time, it has gone through four generations, and an equal number of nips and tucks. No wonder, it is one of the most recognised and successful automotive nameplates in the country.

But, now in its fourth generation, does the City still hold its charm? Does it still retain its original draws like desirability and performance? And, is it still the default choice for mid-sized sedan buyers? Well, we have three months to figure all this out with the facelift of the car introduced last year.

Say hello to our ZX CVT. Yes, it’s the top-of-the-line version. And yes, it is an automatic. Now, I know many of you believe that manual is the way to go for a car like the City; and the sales data reflects that. But, I had two very good reasons to select an automatic.

One, in the three months I will be using the car, I would be spending 80 per cent of my time in Mumbai’s bumper-to-bumper traffic. And, there’s nothing remotely involving or exciting about such a drive. At least, with an automatic, the drive would be more relaxed.

Second, I feel that the CVT as a gearbox is quite misunderstood. Many find the lack of constant dropping and picking of revs unnatural. And, others find the gearbox inefficient, because it doesn’t take kindly to conventional driving styles. I feel that with the sort of fuel efficiency I hope to achieve with the City CVT – and not with dull and slow driving, mind – it should help clear the air.

So far, the things I like about the Honda City include clear visibility in every direction, ease of driving the auto and light steering offer besides the large and comfortable seats which cut down the fatigue of everyday long commutes dramatically.

But, no car is without fault. And, in case of the City, the light boot lid is an irritant. Thanks to a complete lack of damping, it comes crashing down even with the lightest of pressures when closing. I also didn’t like the resolution of the reversing camera; unless the place is well lit, it’s difficult to decipher the surroundings off the screen.

Next month, we will have a more detailed report on how it is to live with the City in the city on a day-to-day basis.


Vehicle Log -

Odo - 4278km.

Km this month - 653km. 

Fuel - 56.2lts.

Fuel Efficiency - 11.6kmpl


Pictures by Kapil Angane 

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