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    Jeep Compass Sports 2.0 @ 8000 km

    3 years ago | Akshay

    User Review on Jeep Compass [2017-2021] Sport 2.0 Diesel

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    Before I start the detailed review, let me express a concern over the genuinity of the reviews posted by people who don't own the vehicle. For those who go by cumulative rating, 3.5 stars seems way too less. But the fact is that some of the disgruntled users who had issues with dealerships had a major hand in the same.

    When Jeep Compass released in India, it was crearly 1 segment above my reach from my 2011 Toyota Etios G Petrol. I had hardly driven 40K in 7 years and was absolutely in love with driving comfort of my vehicle. I had to go for a segment upgrade and was searching for a 7 seater and then Jeep happened.

    The thought of owning a premium truly international SUV at that price tag, made me jump one segment higher and even moved me away from 7 seater segment. I got the vehicle booked under my employer's lease plan - but changed the booking in my name at the last moment due to some reason. Result, I had no waiting that seems to be the biggest concern here.

    I got the vehicle delivered on Jan 7th 2018 - Minimal Grey (I had the roof painted black for 20 K from showroom, which I feel is worth every paisa).

    Exterior The Black roof gave the machine a range roversque look and I was the first in my firm to own one. To put it briefly, it made me famous - very famous. Everyone knew the guy who had the Jeep. The build quality was evident when I had an accident where the left front wheel arch and left side view mirror went under a National Permit Lorry while attempting a risky overtaking maneuver. Had it been any other vehicle, the left side view mirror would have shattered. Here, it simply folded and resumed all relectronic functionality once retracted. The wheel arch suffered a minor dent, which was fixed off-show room for a nominal expense.

    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)


    All safety features that Jeep offers are premium and have experienced the traction control, ECS,HSA and ABS in real time. Fortunately there was no need for Air-bag deployment. Worth the money! The Uconnect entertainment system easily paired Apple phones via Apple Car Play butyou can have multiple devices paired, including Android. There are two USB charging points one in the front and one in the rear. Air Conditioning is efficient with both front and rear vents. Once paired, you can use SIRI or accept calls from steering controls. You can change the songs or skip FMs from steering controls. The volume control is also provided below steering. Handbrake is electronic, which requires minimal effort.Sound system with 6 speaker and all weather subwoofer in middle of dashboard is pure bliss. Side-view mirror vissibility can be electonically adjusted. Wipers are efficient.

    Space & Comfort:

    Having not used an SUV before and comparing Toyota's etios, which is several segments below Jeep, I can confidently say that a sedan is a sedan and no SUV can match the comfort it offers. But again, one should not compare apples to oranges.  The biggest disappontment was that Jeep could not make it a comfortable 5 seater at the least. Rear middle passenger is really cramped (This with every passenger falling below 60 KG) and not suitable for long drives. The rear vissibility is also poor from rear view mirror when 3rd passenger occupies the seat. Boot Space is OKyish - If the boot fills up, rear view mirror vissibility is again impacted.

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

    Engine Performance:

    This is where Jeep blew me away, FCA's 2.0 diesel engine is too good to be true. I had driven my etios for 40 K kms in 7 years. I have almost completed 10 K in my compass in under 3 months. It is a driver's dream. Driving comfort is unparallaled. 

    Fuel Economy:

    I followed the instructions from showroom of not exceeding 130 KM/H speed before 2000 KMs and got a mileage of close to 20 km/l in my first long trip to Munnar from Bangalore via Salem. There was minimal gear shifting required and I drove at constant 100 km/h speed. But it significantly drops with constant gear shifts and raising the vehicle suddenly.

    Ride Quality & Handling Ride Quality is good, when it is used as a four seater. As per my family, it does not match the comfort of our etios. Handling is amazing.

    Final Words This one is a head turner. Like old Onida Ad, world's envy, owner's pride. If only FCA could do something to increase the comfort of rear passengers, it would be really hard to beat Jeep in the segment.

    Areas of improvement Ride comfort and rear seat. Boot Space. Rear view mirror vissibility.

    Great Style and decent fuel economyRear seats are cramped - Strictly a four seater if using for long trips
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