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    A good car let down by pricing. Why not have a Hyundai Venue instead, if you have that sort of money ?

    2 months ago | Siddharth Nautiyal

    User Review on Hyundai i20 Asta (O) 1.5 MT Diesel Dual Tone

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    Okay, I cannot deny that this is a good car. Comes packed with a ton of features, has a strong, powerful engine, and the build quality, plastics and metal on the inside and the outside, all feel solid and premium. However, all those qualities are not new in a car. Certainly not unique. And that is where things start to go down for this car. First of all. The looks. Now I understand that Hyundai wants to make it look different and unique from the outgoing model. But they went a bit too far with the styling. The rear is so excessively styled that suddenly, that extra styling doesn't make the car look any good. You get an impression, that if a man who styled this car was given a job to style Angelina Jolie would go like "yeah, those are lovely eyes, so I give her six of those, and fourteen noses, and 23 lips." It wouldn't had worked, would it ? So, the charm and the presence that the outgoing model had, is just lost with this new model. The old model made you look and feel special on the road. This one is certainly going to make you look like an idiot. And while we could ignore the looks factor for once (because those preferences varies from person to person), what you cannot ignore however, is the price you pay to get your hands on one of these things. In Delhi, the on-road prices starts from 7.75L. Yes. That is what you pay for the BASE model. Guess what, if I am an enthusiast and I want the top model (dual tone) of the manual, Diesel variant, I pay 12.83L! And being a Hyundai, the i20 is not going to be something that an enthusiast enjoys, because Hyundai cars are less about driving enthusiasm and more about driving comfort. Even if you're not an enthusiast, and you want to drive in comfort, why not buy the Hyundai Venue which literally costs you almost the same but is a LOT more of a car than the i20 is for that price? And if you want a premium hatchback, the i10 NIOS is still a fantastic buy and would cost you WAY lesser, and looks much more attractive. You could consider other brands too, like Tata (for comfort and feature-oriented cars), or Ford (for enthusiasm and performance-oriented cars). So, to sum it up, the new i20 is a missed opportunity for Hyundai. One could ignore the looks and even features for that matter if it was sensibly priced in such a competitive market.
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