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    • AC vent throwing 52deg and and sleeping VW team
      after taking delivery of the vehicle and driving for hardly one KM we realized the back AC vent was throwing hot air on checking at dealer end the temp was showing 52deg its 8 days and counting, the new vehicle is lying with the dealer bangalore motor Mysore road waiting for the ac unit to be delivered, even after escalation the casual attitude is evident at the VW team level and the worst is no accountability at the senior level for supplying a vehicle where quality check was not done...
      पूरा पढ़ें
      6 महीने पहले | anil
    • Driver's car
      What's great - Engine - Its just phenomenal. I have done 10+ trips of 700+kms, driving has been super fun always. Gear shifts are great. Pedal shifters are very fun and useful on the highways. Very comfortable drive for city and highways. - I like the look and size of the car. Not too big, not too small. - Legroom in rear seats - Sound proofing What can be better - Rear camera quality - Automatic wipers don't look very sensitive, i have almost never seen them working - Interior quality. Crackling sound from few of the interior plastic. - AC performance (this might be just with my car, getting this checked)
      पूरा पढ़ें
      6 महीने पहले | Raj
    • VW -- POLO/Taigun --- Disc brake problems with sensors and disc-not solvable from VW and the showroom.
      I had driven VW-POLO before for 10 yrs., excellent performance, no problems. Some of my friends had polo with disc brakes, they used to complain about poor brake system (sound in disc's while braking, sensor malfunction) in VW - polo with disc brakes only, but I ignored as i didn't knew the complexity. Later last year i bought VW - Taigun, after driving the vehicle, which is not even a year old, i started observing the same old problem of sound coming out of disc from brake's with disc only. Went to the VW - showroom in navi Mumbai, and they said Disc needs polishing, than they said vehicle needs to be kept running and not keep idle ( all this types of vague reasons) but the sound did not go. After 6 months, when i went again for the same problem, met other Taigun owner's with the same problem. Neither VW management or the Showroom knows how to solve the problem. My sincere request to VW-India to please look in to the recurring problems for disc brakes and its sensor issues in the whole range of POLO and Taigun and help loyal customers like us. This might become serious when we are travelling with our families and any untoward incident happens. Thanks for help.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      6 महीने पहले | Bwalunj
    • Volkswagen Taigun review
      1. The buying experience was by far the best considering the 9 cars I have bought till now. I have driving Hyundai, Suzuki, Ford, Toyota, Mahindra and Tata. But the VW dealer just scored 5 on 5 I terms of the buying n dealer experience. 2. The riding is rock solid. Just a typical German. 3. When you 1st look at it, you do feel it's relatively smaller in comparison to its rivals (even Toyota Hyryder). But it's when you get into the car and actually drive it. Indians do love Koreans for its space & features but if you are sla true car person and like to have a no nonsense car in mid SUV segment, Taigun will just serve your purpose. It does have BBC, Gaana and Booking app (which has to be downloaded) so I did find it useful. 4. Do opt for the SVP and you get 5 years peace of mind. 5. The engine auto start stop function is a true blessing. Yes, but you do cut down on your AC as every time it closes the AC. If you are a bit healthier or got long legs, you might feel a bit low on the under thigh, but it's something you can get it resolved after market.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      7 महीने पहले | Anesh K Vyaas
    • Drivers Delight!
      I'm using this car for 8 months and I'm in love with it. The pleasure of driving this German engineered beast is unmatchable with any car in this segment. If you want a driver's car with good space and German build just go for it. Mileage is 12 in the city and 16 - 18 on the highway.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      7 महीने पहले | Varma
    • Taigun best for me
      Amazing to drive comfortable pick up is excellent . Looking beautiful. Interior exterior both are excellent. Space is very good. Systems function is very nice. Back full light is amazing Looking.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      7 महीने पहले | Narvatsinh Patel
    • Always VW fan and customer
      Buying experience was super smooth, Driving experience is magical, looks amazing, Service cost is super low as 0.4 per KM and no cons as such. Build quality is the best. Always VW Fan.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 महीने पहले | Manthan Desai
    • Little monster
      Value for money and good quality features and has more than one more car in the cost or segment and any body can afford it stylish and good quality features of this car .i liked very much.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 महीने पहले | Nagraj Shet
    • Taigun review
      Never go for 1.0 tsi. you have to regret. If you have a strong will for Vw , go for 1.5 tsi option if milege is not a big concern .1.0 tsi engine is actually a small engine. It lacks the power to pull this suv. If there are family members them the condition becomes more worse.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 महीने पहले | renjith singh
    • Volkswagen Taigun review
      I am happy with a good distance test drive... Indeed a performance car of the car...2022... Build quality is sort of degraded a little bit.. Looks wise it's intimidating. Fuel efficiency is dependent on driving style totally.. Back camera of the car is sufficient.. The engine pull go the 1.5 is quite impressive...
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 महीने पहले | Khamaru
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