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    Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 TSI AT Topline Long Term Review: Introduction

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    Abhishek Nigam

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    Right Front Three Quarter

    The Taigun has been somewhat of a savior for Volkswagen. It’s been selling well since its launch and a bunch of variants and multiple engine and gearbox options means there is a Taigun for everyone. While the 1.5-litre engine is definitely the one to go for if budget is not a constraint, it’s the one1-litre variant that will undoubtedly be more popular and that’s exactly what we have got. This is the top-of-the-line one-litre AT variant which is priced at Rs. 16.89 lakh ex-showroom.

    Now this one-litre variant might not be as powerful as the 1.5, but what it offers is a fine balance of fuel efficiency and usable performance. The idea will be to test the Taigun in its home environment which is the city, see how the one-litre engine performs on the highways and take on a road trip too. We shall also see how the components in the MQB A0-IN platform handle Indian road and weather conditions and more.

    The Trim

    Like I mentioned before, this is the one-litre AT Topline variant. So it gets an eight-inch digital cockpit, 10-inch touch screen infotainment system, six-speaker audio system, wireless mobile charging, wireless android auto and Apple CarPlay, ventilated seats, ambient lighting, smart touch climatronic AC, paddle shifters, cruise control and a sunroof. It also gets six airbags, multi-collision brakes, hill hold control, parking sensor and reversing camera.

    Now these are all feel-good features and definitely add to the premium experience that one expects from a car in this price bracket. But we will tell you over time what feels adequate and what is lacking in the Taigun

    The Specs

    Engine Shot

    Now this is the one-litre TSI engine that we see in a multitude of Skoda and VW models. It was in the Polo, the Vento, the Rapid and is now also available in the Slavia, Virtus and Kushaq. Speaking of numbers, the one1-litre engine makes 113.5bhp and 178Nm of torque. And this power is transferred to the front wheels via a six6-speed torque converter gearbox.

    Other bits include the lovely electromechanical power steering which feels more connected than the other electric steering units. Braking system consists of a disc drum set-up which is kind of sad. A vehicle in this price bracket needs an all-around disc set up. Suspension is run-of-the-mill affair with McPherson struts, stabiliszer bar at the front and twist beam axle at the rear. On the tyres front, our Taigun is shod with 17-inch, 205/55 Apollo’s. A special mention for the 17-inch ‘Manila’ alloy wheels which look fantastic on our Curcuma Yellow shade.


    Left Side View

    Up next, we will start with our city runs and report on how easy the Taigun’s features are to use and, what works and what does not. So keep checking this section for more detailed Taigun reports.

    Product Details

    Make: Volkswagen

    Model: Taigun

    Version: 1.0 TSI AT Topline

    Kilometres this month: 411km

    Fuel Efficiency: 11kmpl

    Price: Rs 16.89 lakh (when tested)

    Photography – Kaustubh Gandhi

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