14 Drawback in my VW Taigun (model of 2021 first launch)

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    फॉक्सवैगन टाइगन 2021 जीटी प्लस 1.5 टीएसआई डीएसजी पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    The only good thing with the Taigun GT 1.5 L i have found is the engine and the exterior styling. Barring these two i have found that most of other aspects have been compromised in the car under the pretext of localized manufacture. I rate my comparisons first to the Polo GT (2019 model) and Vento TSI (2018 model) i have/ i am still using. The only upgrade I was looking for - by selling my Vento was to use a SUV, have more ground clearance and use a 1.5 L engine. Taigun trim and finish is no doubt a compromise compared to the Polo and Vento. Disappointed as i have spent close to 21 Lakhs for the car as on-road price only to discover many shortfalls. Competitors have certainly offered better features specially on the trim and interiors. Material used is quite substandard. Wonder what the company thought about Indian customers - Don't we have tastes and assessments on lines of aesthetics and technology? I have driven 18,000 km + on my Taigun GT 1.5 L 1) Floor liner of poor quality - car is hardly an year old and the fibrous material keeps wearing out and is yielding 2) Press the floor board and look - it yields under the pressure of your finger - could have been stronger and that way it would have absorbed more vibration 3) Compare the thickness and trim of the sun visors of Taigun with that of Polo and Vento - they are very flimsy. 4) With the ignition there are no back lights on the AC controls. If the car is in a dark garage like mine, i have to switch on the headlights to have the AC controls lit up. Wonder what the company achieved by cutting a feature/ cost there? 5) Roof top which covers a big expanse inside the car and is a feature that supports interior superiority is a heavy miss by VW - my car has a flimsy roof top with fibrous material that keeps coming out if it has the slightest abrasion of our fingers ( the company has changed this fast as it was one of the biggest draw back, but me as a customer has to live with some poor material). What is the use of having a premium engine while i as a owner has to listen to my family members on the critics i have listed? Its never ending 6) Has a tyre pressure indicator which does not even indicate when tyre pressure gets low. One the car type was punctured and the blow in the tyre was about half and it still did not indicate. It is supposed to be a safety feature 7) Plastic door liners used is inferior to Polo and Vento and therefore must be inferior to other competing brands in the same segment 8) Does not have a inner bonnet pad that helps absorb vibration and heat 9) Touch the plastic mudguard from the boot side, from inside and you will see how flimsy it is. It simply allows road roar/noise to the inside specially for those seated in the back. 9) The phone charging pad works at time and does not work at times 10) Try increasing the volume control and decreasing it and listen to the acoustics - when the volume button is placed around a quarter level or a little lesser, the sound vanishes completely - it is not well coordinated 11) Reverse camera resolution too poor - looks always like seeing a foggy glass though i try to keep the camera lens clean 12) Drum brakes would have been preferred on the rear wheels 13) Lower versions have been given ventilated seats, not the upper version. 13) The driver and co-driver seat configuration is bad with those support flaps near the thigh jetting up and curving in ( they should be more or less flat like in Vento and Polo allowing free movement of the legs specially in long drives. My Hyderabad - Bangalore trips cause me thigh fatigue. Imagine a person who is taller and bulkier than me dealing with this feature. Many might not have observed this configuration but look deeper for yourself and you will know. 14) Seat fabric and stitch is not so much upto the mark. Put a price tag for all these aspects and i would my value rate it down by 3-4 lakhs, dissatisfaction component, listening daily to the curses of my family members and killing the drivers enthusiasm in me. I am just living with the good engine. I booked the care even before it was launched with the confidence that VW will not step down on quality that they have already been offering in Polo and Vento. I would be the happiest if the company rectifies these in my car but i know they did not pay any heed when i raised these issues a month after buying the car. Having invested I will use it for some time and be more careful in my decisions that were based on trust on existing car models sold by the same company.
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