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    Best Driver Cars - Volkswagen Polo TSI 2020 | Turbocharged Handling Hero | CarWale

    The Volkswagen Polo might not have sold very well and, in its initial years, also had a lacklustre engine. Then, of course, the GT TSI came along and the Polo was suddenly the enthusiast’s darling. Now, where the GT TSI could only be had with an automatic - and it was a wonderful dual clutch automatic at that, this new Highline Plus TSI version comes with a manual. And there’s something very involving, very analogue about manuals mated to nice, free-revving petrol engines. Which is exactly what this Polo is. Welcome to the CarWale Driver’s Car series, wherein we take everyday, affordable cars with an enthusiast streak in them, and spend a day driving them around a set of twisties, a little harder than necessary, just so we can go home with a smile. In this episode, we put an everyday turbocharged handling hero, the all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift, to the test.
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