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Read the latest Fortuner expert-reviews. Fortuner car has several reviews covering first drives, comparison tests, road tests & long term reviews.

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    Toyota Fortuner Review: Pros and Cons

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    So, if you are interested in this Macho-SUV, here are five things that work for it, and two that don’t.
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    Living with the Toyota Fortuner

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    How do you keep people coming for more and more of what you offer?
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    Off-Road Day 2017 - An Introduction

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    I love the monsoons. The bright green of new grass, the lovely cool breeze, and since it's not hot or sultry, there is no awful odour come end of day to really turn the missus off.So, to celebrate this gorgeous season we rounded up a bunch of capable SUVs at a challenging off-road location, which is 19 Degree North at Aamby Valley, with the idea of spending a day having fun and also finding out how these burly machines cope with Mother Nature.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Off-road day 2017: Toyota Fortuner Review

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    The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular vehicles in the market today and not without reason. It boasts legendary reliability, is extremely capable and now with the new model, it has managed to ditch the old car’s somewhat rudimentary roots as well.
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    Skoda Superb Petrol Vs Toyota Fortuner Petrol

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    We pit the Skoda Superb against the Toyota Fortuner but this time in a petrol guise!
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    Toyota Fortuner Diesel First Drive

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    Toyota Fortuner fans rejoice! The brand new version of the brawny SUV has finally reached our shores and if initial impressions are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that Toyota has managed to improve on the old car in every aspect. The Fortuner has a cult following and for a good reason. Its butch looks, rugged ladder frame, go anywhere capability and bulletproof reliability made it an instant hit. But now, seven years down the line the Fortuner was showing its age and fresh competition in form of the impressive new Ford Endeavour meant, sales figures for the Toyota SUV had started to decline. Now though, its replacement is here. Meet the new for 2016 Toyota Fortuner. And, if looks are anything to go by, it was certainly worth the wait.
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