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Porsche Track Precision App now gets additional connectivity functions

May 14, 2020, 03:45 PM IST by Bilal Ahmed Firfiray
Porsche Track Precision App now gets additional connectivity functions

- Available with current-gen 911 and 718 models with Sport Chrono package

- Compatible with Apple CarPlay through PCM

पोर्श has updated its Track Precision mobile app with new functions and compatibility options. The app is a complimentary virtual coach provided by Porsche to its customer for driving on a race track. This updated version of the training app is available for all current-generation 911 and 718 models in Porsche’s line-up. 

Porsche 911 Exterior

With the new functions, the Track Precision App can now be displayed and operated directly through the vehicle’s infotainment system using Apple CarPlay. The latest update (version 3.2) of the app also offers an additional 100 preprogrammed race tracks to the Porsche drivers. Which means, the owners can now choose to drive around 300 race tracks across the globe with the help of the virtual guide.

Porsche 911 Exterior

The Porsche Track Precision App records, analyses and displays individual driving data on the racing circuit. The goal is to allow drivers to further develop their driving styles using the data collected through the app. The PCM (Porsche Communication Management) connects the application to various control units in the car and enables the recording of data from the car’s sensors. Thus while driving, the mobile application can evaluate real-time data on speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking force and engine revs. The gathered information can be used to improve the individual driving skills.

Porsche 911 Exterior

Apart from the connectivity, the latest update enables the app to automatically record lap times using GPS. The ‘Live display’ feature shows current lap time and speed deviation in relation to the reference lap directly to the driver. The driving footage recorded by the smartphones or action cams can be combined with available data afterwards. Moreover, the driving performance analysis offers a wide range of information, such as steering angle, brake pressure and accelerator pedal position. The driving data can easily be transferred using AirDrop. Other connectivity options allow the Apple Watch app to start and stop the lap recording and monitor the driver’s pulse. And the individual driving data can also be shared on social media directly through the app.

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भारत में पोर्श 718 की कीमत

सिटीऑन रोड प्राइस
मुंबई₹ 1.07 करोड़ से शुरू
बैंग्लोर₹ 1.07 करोड़ से शुरू
दिल्ली₹ 98.8 लाख से शुरू
हैदराबाद₹ 1.02 करोड़ से शुरू
अहमदाबाद₹ 99.17 लाख से शुरू
चेन्नई₹ 1.03 करोड़ से शुरू
कोलकाता₹ 94.92 लाख से शुरू
चंडीगढ़₹ 96.2 लाख से शुरू
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