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New Mercedes-AMG S63e spotted winter testing

March 04, 2021, 07:00 PM IST by Aditya Nadkarni
New Mercedes-AMG S63e spotted winter testing

- Mercedes-AMG S63e could be powered by a 700bhp V8 engine with an electric motor

- An 800bhp S73e is also likely to arrive

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the seventh generation S-Class in September last year. The model was followed by the updated generation of the Maybach S-Class, and other versions such as the EQS and S63 are on their way too.

Left Side View

Seen testing in the snow somewhere in Northern Sweden is a semi-camouflaged version of the new Mercedes-AMG S63e. To arrive with a form of electrification for the very first time under the S63 moniker, the new performance sedan features two fuel filler flaps, one on either side of the rear quarter panels. While the primary unit will obviously be used to fill up fuel, the secondary unit will give access to a charging port.

Changes to the exterior design of the new Mercedes-AMG S63e will include new front and rear bumpers, with the former getting revised air intakes, and the latter receiving a centrally mounted diffuser. The front profile also boldly sports the Panamericana grille, while the side profile gets alloy wheels that attempt to hide the large red brake calipers. Also on offer is a quad-pipe exhaust setup at the posterior.

Left Rear Three Quarter

Under the hood, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG S63e is expected to be powered by a V8 motor with assistance from an electric motor, producing a combined power output of 700bhp. Reports suggest that another iteration of the model could also be in the works. Touted to be the 800bhp S73e, it would become the spiritual successor to the V12 S65 AMG. Expect the S63e AMG to debut later this year.

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