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Mahindra faces shortage of semiconductors; new Thar arrives at dealers’ stockyard without infotainment system

January 27, 2021, 06:30 PM IST by Jay Shah
Mahindra faces shortage of semiconductors; new Thar arrives at dealers’ stockyard without infotainment system

- Shortfall results in the decline of sales and production 

- Production of three-wheelers remain unaffected

महिंद्रा and Mahindra had reported last month that it has been facing a supply shortage of micro-processors in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) used in its vehicles. The Indian automaker had also stated that this might result in a significant drop in the production and sales volume in the last quarter of FY 2020-21. 

Mahindra Thar Infotainment System

Now, images of महिंद्रा थार in dealers’ stockyard without the infotainment system has been doing rounds of the internet. It appears that the company has asked the dealers to install the multimedia systems at their level before the delivery of the SUV to the customers. This has indirectly added to the already long waiting list of the Thar. The current waiting period for the Thar is over six months and the company has also hiked the prices of all its models from 8 January. You can read the details of it यहां.

राइट फ़्रंट थ्री क्वॉर्टर

Mahindra is not the only car manufacturer falling deficit of micro-processors and semi-conductors. Many other OEMs like फोर्ड एंड होंडा have cut down their production of vehicles globally. Bosch is one of the largest suppliers of components in India and the car makers relying solely on it are likely to face the shortfall soon. 

Mahindra has assured that the production and sales of its tractor and three-wheeler vehicles will not face any interruption. Meanwhile, Mahindra is working on a convertible hard-top version of the Thar and to read more about it, click यहां

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