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Lexus teases new EV concept; likely to debut in early 2021

December 09, 2020, 03:30 PM IST by Jay Shah
Lexus teases new EV concept; likely to debut in early 2021

-Likely to debut in early 2021

-Will feature new Direct4 driving technology

लेक्सुस, the luxury division of टोयोटा has previewed a new concept car set to debut early next year, featuring an all-electric drivetrain. Earlier reluctant, the luxury car manufacturer has now decided to adopt the trending revolution. Although a bit late, the company is all geared up to introduce its first offering in the coming months. 

The teaser image displayed during the premiere gives out few details as to the design and styling of the upcoming model. The front fascia of the concept sports the sharp looking X-shaped front grille sans the actual radiator behind it, due to the absence of a combustion engine. It also flaunts a new sleek set of LED headlights and DRLs, a sloping bonnet line, and an illuminated logo. 

Lexus LS Wheel

The brand also gave out details about its new Direct4 electric drive control system specifically designed and developed for the future hybrid and electric vehicles. The system is capable of controlling the torque delivery between the front and rear wheels with the help of two electric individual motors placed at each axle. It allows the driver to independently control each motor; thereby making the vehicle a front wheel, rear wheel, or an all-wheel-drive simply with the touch of a button. This setup will not be limited to EVs and will also feature on future hybrids from the Japanese carmaker.

Lexus LS Left Front Three Quarter

Also demonstrated at the premiere were two upcoming models that were equipped with Direct4 technology. The first one spotted here is the Lexus GS sedan and the other prototype appears to be an all-electric SUV evident with a blanked-out front grille. The brand is likely to debut its production-ready avatar early next year. Apart from the forthcoming SUV, Lexus has not shed any light on the future lineup of its EVs. 

Lexus LS Grille

Elaborating on the design of the upcoming model, Koichi Suga, General Manager of Lexus Design said, “Design is not only about styling. It’s also based on engineering and expressing it as a shape. People said Lexus had no face but after lots of trial and error, the spindle grille shape became the unique, functional expression of Lexus.”

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