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Kia Motors presents two new service offers

November 12, 2020, 09:15 PM IST by Jay Shah
Kia Motors presents two new service offers

-Kia announces ‘Advance Pick and Drop’ and ‘My Convenience’ service packages.

-These program benefits can be availed both at the time of sales and service

किया Motors has announced two new contactless service initiatives for its customers this festive season. The aftersales services include ‘Advanced Pick and Drop’ and ‘My Convenience’ schemes aiming at a complete contactless and paperless aftersales process for its patrons.

Kia Sonet Left Side View

The ‘Advanced Pick and Drop’ plan as the name goes offers a pick-up and drop service of Kia vehicles for service and maintenance from the customer’s residential / office premises. The drivers attending the location carry company ID and visiting card and are equipped with a protection kit and seat covers. Customers can live track their vehicle from mobile phone and also receive stage-wise SMS alerts for the service availed. 

‘My Convenience’ is aimed towards providing personalised service packages to the existing customers. This can be availed in two forms – Pre-Paid Maintenance (PPM) and Care Pack. The former gives coverage of genuine spare parts, wheel alignment, balancing and tyre rotation including labour services. It can be availed in packages ranging from two years / 20,000kms to five years / 50,000kms. The prices differ depending upon the years and mileage coverage of the car. The ‘Care Pack’ service offers car care and beautification services which are further divided into Preventive Care, Fresh Care, AC Care and Hygiene Care. The facilities under these heads include underbody coating, rodent repellent, interior enrichment, exterior enrichment, Ac evaporator cleaning, Ac disinfectant, fumigation and carbon air filter.

Kia Sonet Right Side View

Customers willing to opt for the service offers can opt both at the time of sales and service. Existing customers can avail the program benefits anytime before the completion of 1 year / 10,000kms. Other complimentary services covered under the umbrella include alloy / wheel care service and an additional 10 percent discount for other car care services.

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