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    ₹ 40,00,000
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    • driver is a art
      one thing I find bizzare is how actively BMW (a german carmaker) has stated promoting the mini British origins and the passionate manner in which it has stated to fly or showcase the uk's union Jack flag on the new updated mini's
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Renjith
    • awesome... most loving car and beautiful too
      Buying experience: awesome too attractive and beautiful
      Riding experience: awesome too passionate as it looks no vibration
      Details about looks, performance etc: awesome too beautiful and smooth
      Servicing and maintenance: awesome its low cost maintenance
      Pros and Cons: awesome beautiful,sexy, stylish
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Rajnish Trivedi
    • I love this car
      Mini cooper d3 door . this car is so amazing and look are so beautiful actually I love this car because this car is automatically when I buy this car it's my dream. I work hard to buy this car .this is my favourite car.and this car is so small and stylish head lamps are gorgeous and the sound of this car is so amazing.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Raaj Veer
      I think this car is actually stunning for this price range but I don't even drive it ..I will work hard for buy a mini ... It's my dream ..when I saw this car everytime iam very curious to watch the interiors but I don't have an opportunity to feel that. Iam totally love with the looks and I don't know why I love that car ??.I mentioned above that I don't got a chance to feel the car so I don't know about the service and maintenance then it's pros was it's too worthy and I like the strips, headlamp ... The total Mini cooper . I have been watched many of reviews on YouTube so I like the interior work so well and I don't have any cons for this car because how can I say something bad about the one who I already loved. Iam very glad to say thank-you to have an opportunity to express my feeling about the car I loved
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Athulkrishnan KR
    • Not just a car.. It is a car
      It's very nice car. I'll test drive my brother's mini Cooper D3 and i have to say.... It's amazing performance. And very comfortable for driving experience. Adjustable leg space and overall nice driving experience. It looks a Permiam classic look.. And also city drive is very comfortable. And it's little bit expensive to maintanence and services. Anyway i suggest it's a massive vehicle.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Akshay Ayyappan

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