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आपका शहर जानने से आपकी ज़रूरत के हिसाब से कॉन्टेन्ट देने में मदद मिलेगी

सॉरी! कोई मैचिंग रिजल्ट नहीं मिले. फिर से कोशिश करें.आपके लोकेशन का पता लगाने में त्रुटि

कुछ समय बाद इस ब्राउज़र को हमरा सपोर्ट बंद हो जाएगा। हम कहेंगे की अच्छे अनुभव के लिए आप कोई दुसरा ब्राउज़र उपयोग कीजिए। अधिक जानें

मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई

2 रिव्यूज़ | रिव्यू लिखें
  • 300d 4MATIC LWB
    डीज़लAutomatic (Torque Converter) 73,70,002
  • 450 4MATIC LWB
    पेट्रोलAutomatic (Torque Converter) 88,80,000
  • 400d 4MATIC LWB
    डीज़लAutomatic (Torque Converter) 89,90,000
  • 400d 4MATIC Hip Hop Edition
    डीज़लऑटोमैटिक 1,25,00,000
शहर चुनें
₹ 73.7 लाख
औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइज़

मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई मूल विशेषताएं

प्राइज़₹ 73.7 लाख से शुरू
माइलेज 11.11 से 14.08 km/लीटर
इंजन 1950 से 2999 cc
ट्रैंस्मिशन ऑटोमैटिक (टॉर्क कन्वर्टर) और ऑटोमैटिक
फ़्यूल टाइप डीज़ल और पेट्रोल
बैठने की क्षमता 5

मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई सारांश

Mercedes-Benz GLE Price: Mercedes-Benz GLE price starts at ₹ 73.7 Lakhs and goes upto ₹ 1.25 Crores. The price of Diesel variant for GLE ranges between ₹ 73.7 Lakhs - ₹ 1.25 Crores and the price of Petrol variant for GLE is ₹ 88.8 Lakhs..
Mercedes-Benz GLE Versions: GLE is available in 4 variants. Out of these 4 variants, 3 are Automatic (Torque Converter) and 1 are Automatic.
Mercedes-Benz GLE Colours: GLE is offered in 6 colours: Cavansite Blue Metallic, Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic, Mojave Silver Metallic, Obsidian Black Metallic, Polar White and Selenite Grey Metallic. However, some of these colours are available in specific versions.
Mercedes-Benz GLE Competitors: GLE is competing against BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Land Rover Range Rover Velar, Volvo XC90 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
...और देखें

भारत में जीएलई की प्राइज़ लिस्ट

फ़्यूल टाइप और ट्रैंस्मिशन के अनुसार चुनें

सॉरी, कोई मैचिंग वेरीएंट्स नहीं मिला.

तुलना करने के लिए 4 जीएलई वेरिएंट तक चुनें।

CarWale's Take

  • Good Things

    • New platform and modern features than its predecessor
    • Powerful engine an option of mild-hybrid system
    • Available in long-wheelbase body style
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  • Could be Better

    • Has gotten expensive over the older car
    • Nine-speed gearbox is too slow for an engaging drive
    • 300d misses out on key features despite the high cost
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GLE Verdict

Mercedes-Benz continues its dominance in the luxury SUV segment with the new-gen GLE. The new GLE is only available in the LWB guise,

Mercedes-Benz continues its dominance in the luxury SUV segment with the new-gen GLE. The new GLE is only available in the LWB guise, liberating more cabin, and packs more features than ever before. And now, Mercedes-Benz has added more variants to its line-up, along with a petrol option. The party piece of the GLE, however, is the Hip Hop suspension available in the 400d trim. It is big, burly, has potent powertrains, and looks much more modern. On the flip side, it is now expensive, as expensive as the AMG versions of the older models.

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GLE Review

The Mercedes-Benz GLE has finally entered a second generation globally and this is the car that will come to India in 2019. The car has been spotted testing on multiple occasions and well now it will go on sale in the European markets within the next few months.

The second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV is available in a long wheel base version in India. The SUV is available in two BS6 diesel engine options – 300d and 400d Hip Hop edition. The new GLE gets an additional wheelbase of 80mm, thereby offering more space to the rear seat occupants. The legroom in the second row has been increased by 69mm over the previous generation, while the headroom of the new GLE at the rear has now increased by 35mm.


The Mercedes-Benz GLE is available with two BS6 diesel engine options. The 300d is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that generates 242bhp and 500Nm of torque. This engine is capable of sprinting from 0-100kmph in 7.2 seconds. The second diesel option, the 400d Hip-Hop Edition is powered by a 3.0-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine that generates 326bhp and 700Nm of torque; this enables the SUV to hit the 100kmph mark in 5.8 seconds. Both the engines come mated to the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission.


The Mercedes-Benz GLE is sleeker and longer than its predecessor. The company claims that the GLE has good aerodynamic properties with best-in-segment drag coefficient of 0.29. The taillights are divided into two sections, which gives an impression of width and adds to its sporty appeal. In terms of safety, the GLE 400d gets nine airbags, while the GLE 300d gets seven-airbags in addition to standard safety features like active brake assist and blind spot assist. The 400d gets the E-ACTIVE body control suspension, which is combined with the newly developed AIRMATIC air suspension. The company claims that this is the only system in the market where the spring and damping forces can be individually controlled at each wheel. This means that it not only counteracts body roll, but also pitch and squat.


The new GLE gets all the modern premium features like premium leather upholstery, large touchscreen infotainment system, ambient lighting and more. The large touchscreen gets the MBUX system with ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice prompt along with gesture controls. The SUV offers ample boot space of 825-litres, which can be increased to 2,055-litres when the second row seat is folded down.

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मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई कलर

जीएलई भारत में निम्नलिखित कलर में उपलब्ध / बेची जाती है।

* यहां पर दिखाए कलर्स सांकेतिक हैं और ये कार के वास्तविक कलर्स से थोड़ा अलग हो सकते हैं।

मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई माइलेज

फ़्यूल टाइपट्रैंस्मिशनमाइलेज

(2999 cc)

Automatic (Torque Converter)11.11 km/लीटर

(2925 cc)

Automatic (Torque Converter)13.89 km/लीटर

(1950 cc)

Automatic (Torque Converter)14.08 km/लीटर

मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई यूज़र रिव्यू

OLD wine(GLE 250d) in new bottle (GLE 300d)

for Mercedes-Benz GLE on 11-Feb-2020 by ANUDEEP

I have driven the car for very short distance for about 10Kms. Car really looks attractive while compare to online. The price they have mentioned is 90.0 lakhs onraod hyderabad. I feel...

समाचार में मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई

Mercedes-Benz India gradually ramps up sales

Mercedes-Benz India gradually ramps up sales

Mercedes-Benz India is gradually ramping-up its operations and sales following all the directives from local authorities. The company clocked these sales despite facing...

by Santosh Nair | Read more

अपकमिंग मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ कार्स

सभी अपकमिंग मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ कार्स

भारत में मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई की कीमत

सिटीऑन रोड प्राइज़
मुंबई₹ 87.14 लाख से शुरू
बैंगलोर₹ 93.92 लाख से शुरू
दिल्ली₹ 87.82 लाख से शुरू
पुणे₹ 90.73 लाख से शुरू
हैदराबाद₹ 89.71 लाख से शुरू
अहमदाबाद₹ 81.5 लाख से शुरू
चेन्नै₹ 89.95 लाख से शुरू
कोलकाता₹ 82.15 लाख से शुरू
चंडीगढ़₹ 82.8 लाख से शुरू

कार ख़रीदार के लिए टूल्स

हमारे ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा रिकमंड किए जाने वाले टूल्स आपको ख़रीद संबंधी योग्य निर्णय लेने में आपकी सहायता करेंगे

  • मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई इमेजेस
    मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ जीएलई₹ 73.7 लाख औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइज़
  • वर्ज़न300d 4MATIC LWB
  • डीलर से ऑफ़र पाएं
नई कार ख़रीद रहे हैं?एक मिस्ड कॉल छोड़ें1800 2090 230(टोल फ्री)

ऑफ़र्स के लाभ के लिए अपना शहर चुनें

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