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मर्सिडीज-बेंज सी-क्लास एक्स्पर्ट रिव्यू

Read the latest C-Class expert-reviews. C-Class car has several reviews covering first drives, comparison tests, road tests & long term reviews.

द्वारा फ़िल्टर करें:
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG Line First Drive Review

    1 वर्ष पहले  by 
    Mercedes Benz C300 AMG Line First Drive Review
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-AMG C43 First Drive Review

    3 वर्ष पहले  by 
    The C43 is Mercedes-AMG’s answer to a more performance oriented C-Class. While this model finds its place below the C63 AMG S in the current C-Class influenced AMG line-up in India, it slots above the CLA45 AMG. Sure, the latter comes close to the C43 AMG in terms of price and power output, but the C43 AMG makes a case for itself since it’s a part of the C-Class family, which is a cut above.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 4MATIC - Track Review

    4 वर्ष पहले  by 
    Well, when Mercedes-Benz actually announced the car, we didn’t really know where the C 43 would slot in considering the C 63 AMG S already exists and below it sits the CLA 45 AMG. While the rear wheel drive C 63 sits at the top with 500 plus bhp and a pricing upwards of one crore, the CLA 45 AMG was many a rungs lower and in its current ‘yet to be updated’ trim makes 355bhp with the power being transferred to all four wheels. Now, we have the C 43 that makes 362bhp and gets 4MATIC as well. Mercedes-Benz already has the most performance-oriented models in their Indian line-up and the C 43 just adds to it. While that’s one of the reasons we saw for its introduction, the other could be customer demanding a more powerful C-Class but not wanting to spend upwards of a crore for it.
  • कम्‍पैंरिजन टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz C250d vs BMW 320d vs Volvo S60 D4

    4 वर्ष पहले  by 
    The new C-Class which was launched just last year is a very impressive product. Apart from boasting a design which made it look like a mini S-Class, the cabin with its design finesse and superior quality swept the floor from under its competition. But where it lacked was in the engine department especially in the diesel guise.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz C250d First Drive Review

    4 वर्ष पहले  by 
    The new Mercedes C250d is a more powerful and better-equipped version of the C-Class, which hitherto, was only available in the 220d guise for diesel aficionados. According to Mercedes, the C250d was always part of the India plan, and is the German carmakers way of offering a wider choice to C-Class buyers.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG Road Test Review

    5 वर्ष पहले  by 
    The car you see on these pages might look like any other Mercedes C-Class. But what nestles under the bonnet of this ordinary looking sedan, gives it the potential of gulping supercars for breakfast. This rapid version of the C-Class is powered by a 503bhp 4.0-litre V8 and is christened as the C63 AMG S. This new C63 is replacing an illustrious predecessor that was also a practical sedan that packed the rage of the Indian Bison when provoked. There is one crucial difference though - where the old car had a massive 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8, the new one sheds 2.2-litres in favour of turbo-charging. Mercedes also claims that the new car is 32 per cent more efficient than its predecessor despite having much more power and torque to boot.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220 CDI

    5 वर्ष पहले  by 
    There was a time when buyers used to opt for diesel cars over petrol models considering the price of diesel to be lower than petrol. However, this trend will slowly diminish with the constant narrowing of the price difference between diesel and petrol. The importance of having diesel cars is still considered economical by many and diesel cars still do enjoy a good demand. The disparities in petrol and diesel will reduce, but that altering the sentiments in coming times still seems to be a distant possibility. So keeping this thought aside, we reviewed the diesel version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class - C220 CDI. This is the latest iteration of the C-Class, the petrol variant of which was launched in November last year. We were impressed with the petrol model, but will the oil-burner walk in its other siblings footsteps ? Lets find out.
  • रोड टेस्‍ट

    First Drive: Mercedes-Benz new C-Class C 200

    6 वर्ष पहले  by 
    Sunday morning drives are not about going somewhere; these are more about escaping the routine and it doesnt matter if you are still confined to city limits. In fact, in case of Mumbai, only such a drive will give you a chance and time to fully appreciate its beauty. So last Sunday, the Mercedes Classic Car Rally in South Mumbai seemed like a perfect plan for us, not just to enjoy the city but also appreciate few rare cars, right?... Almost! We instead got our hands on the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the spiritual successor to the iconic 2014 S-Class, for a longish drive to Amby valley. We did miss the classics at the parade, but only so much, knowing we were with one of its future participants.
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