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    महिंद्रा स्कॉर्पियो की तलाश में हैं? यहां स्कॉर्पियो के देशभर के मालिकों के रिव्यूज़ और रेटिंग्स हैं।

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    सभी वर्ज़न्स
    ₹ 12,80,136
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    • 4.6इक्सटीरियर
    • 4.5आरामदेह
    • 4.6परफ़ॉर्मेंस
    • 4.3फ़्यूल इकॉनमी
    • 4.4पैसा वसूल

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    क्रमबद्ध करें :
    • Not a comfortable car to drive.
      Very less riding comfort.body roll is huge.I shall not recommend this car to any one.It is overpriced and is of poor built quality.Only plus point is it can be used on any road.Fuel consumption is arround 10-15 km/L depending upon the road condition and driving habit.The advantage in high ground clearence and big wheels.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Dr Samir Mujray
    • The True Indian SUV
      I am owning this car since 2015. It is a very specious and comfortable. Driving position is just phenomenal you can see even the roof of Ford Endeavour sitting in the driving seat. It gives you a commanding view of the surrounding. You feel like the king of the road. It can easily seat 7 persons. And the engine is a punchy one. Good low end Good mid range but in top end it struggles quite a bit. But it is still manageable. Ride quality is bouncy but good. The car you can live in with . Plastic quality is not so bad but it is not great. I got the fuel economy of 12 kmph in the city and around 15.3 kmph in the highways. I am well satisfied to have this car. It is my favourite car for its go anywhere capabilities.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Soyel Mallick
    • Scorpio Great Story
      The car is monster. My father purchased car in 31st March in 2016 .It is the Scorpio s8. My car is driven only 11000 km . 3 times service. But I'm going on the road with Scorpio BMW & Audi is like little car . Scorpio you just Great car. I really appreciate Mahindra you Are giving big SUV in India. Thumbs Up????
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Dilshad khan
    • Don’t even think it in your list
      Mahindra is asking out of world price for this piece of shit. Brakes improved only in top model s11. Its shit with a price tag of jeep. The interior quality is just like a 2-4 lakh car segment. We Indians buy Indian cars not for keeping the pocket of dumb company shareholders. Even if Mahindra will offer this car in 11-12 Lakh for S11 variant then I will decline this offer with grace. Shun Mahindra and its blind idiot followers, go for multinational brands. Trust me they are not good but best. I would have given negative ratings if available. Go Mahindra produce shit trucks.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Sam
    • offroading king
      It will good driving experience in hills solid body with good ground Clarence and space is good but 3rd row troubling for passenger. Service problem in small cities and small outlet and heavy cost of servicing because it is SUV and luxury item for customer.But overall car I am give 4 star rating to this car.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      3 साल पहले | Akshay

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