A ride that Cocoons you with it's craftsmanship and sheer quality

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    लेक्सस ईएस 300h [2018-2020] पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Firstly I haven't purchased it yet... just the test drive experience was fabulous, these guys are real serious about their quality standards, their people were well mannered and polite. Super helpful people. The ride is mesmerizing...the car is absolutely sublime on potholes and there is pin drop silence in the cabin, there is about 92% insulation in the car that , so much so that it disconnects the occupants from outside noise. Someone wrote about the interior ...that absolute crap...this interior has to be one of the best ones in that segment, the wood is handcrafted by yamaha piano makers in Japan, the leather on the seats and dashboard are hand stitched , the precision is mind gets a Mark Levinson stereo- this thing is at par Bose, Bowers and Wilkins etc . It looks like something out of an Origami book, the colour coats feel rich....the way the paint is applied is also beautiful. Performance is adequate with 215 bhp on tap from a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder hybrid engine, with an electric motor. The start up is super silent. It's loaded with safety features including 10 airbags, LEdD cornering lights ( the led units are adaptive and swivel ). Cons- the car misses out on 360 degree camera...a must have in a car that costs this much and is a shy away from hitting the 5m mark in terms of Length. The power window switches look crap...Camry hybrid has better ones, a car giving this quality of craftsmanship misses out on back light switches, shameful. Pros- excellent vehicle, superb build quality and craftsmanship and it's a Lexus ....owners tend to keep Lexus vehicles for years and years ....other cars in the segment are prone to electrical issues after a time ..not Lexus. The service and customer satisfaction is unmatched.
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