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कुछ समय बाद इस ब्राउज़र को हमरा सपोर्ट बंद हो जाएगा। हम कहेंगे की अच्छे अनुभव के लिए आप कोई दुसरा ब्राउज़र उपयोग कीजिए। अधिक जानें

जैगवार एक्सई

5 रिव्यूज़ | रिव्यू लिखें
  • एस
    पेट्रोलऑटोमैटिक 46,63,997
  • एसई
    पेट्रोलऑटोमैटिक 48,50,004
शहर चुनें
₹ 46.64 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस

जैगवार एक्सई मुख्य स्पेसिफिकेशन्स

प्राइस₹ 46.64 लाख से शुरू
माइलेज 12.66 km/लीटर
इंजन 1997 cc
ट्रांसमिशन ऑटोमैटिक
फ़्यूल टाइप पेट्रोल
बैठने की क्षमता 5

जैगवार एक्सई सारांश

जैगवार एक्सई की प्राइस: जैगवार एक्सई की प्राइस ₹ 46.64 लाख से शुरु होकर ₹ 48.5 लाख तक जाती है. एक्सई के पेट्रोल वेरीएंट की प्राइस ₹ 46.64 लाख से ₹ 48.5 लाख तक है.
जैगवार एक्सई के वर्ज़न: एक्सई 2 वेरीएंट्स में उपलब्ध है. सभी वेरिएंट ऑटोमैटिक हैं.
जैगवार एक्सई के कलर्स: एक्सई इन 5 कलर्स में उपलब्ध है: फ़ुजी वाइट, फ़िरेंज़ रेड मेटैलिक, पोर्टोफिनो ब्लू मेटैलिक, ईगर ग्रे मेटैलिक और संतोरीनी ब्लैक मेटैलिक. हालांकि इनमें से कुछ कलर्स, कुछ वर्ज़न विशेष में ही उपलब्ध हैं।.
जैगवार एक्सई के प्रतिद्वंदी: एक्सई का मुक़ाबला जैगवार एक्सएफ़, बीएमडब्ल्यू 3 सीरीज, ऑडी ए4, वोल्वो एस60, मर्सिडीज-बेंज सी-क्लास, बीएमडब्ल्यू 2 सीरीज ग्रैन कूपे, मर्सिडीज-बेंज ए-क्लास लिमोजिन, बीएमडब्ल्यू 3 सीरीज ग्रैन लिमोजिन और मर्सिडीज-बेंज जीएलए से है.
...और देखें

एक्सई की भारत में प्राइस लिस्ट

सॉरी, कोई मैचिंग वेरीएंट्स नहीं मिला.

तुलना करने के लिए 2 एक्सई वेरिएंट तक चुनें।

CarWale's Take

  • Good Things

    • New looks, modern styling and an updated design
    • Upgraded cabin with higher quality materials
    • Still remains a great driver’s car
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  • Could be Better

    • Could do with a roomier interior, especially at the back
    • Slightly less practical compared to its rivals
    • Limited powertrain options
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XE Verdict

If you look at it, the Jaguar XE breaks the domination of the German trio in its segment.

If you look at it, the Jaguar XE breaks the domination of the German trio in its segment. With its recent update, which isn’t a generation change, the XE has a sharper appearance, a newer powertrain option, and an updated cabin while it retains its Leaping Cat persona.

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XE Review

Jaguar XE P250 First Drive Review

What is it?

Jaguar XE Right Front Three Quarter

Jaguar introduced the updated XE sedan in India last December. A mid-life update for the smallest sedan in the British carmaker’s line-up gets some comprehensive changes in terms of styling, added features and equipment along with BS6 compliant engine options of the Ingenium family. What we are driving here is the SE P250 which is the top-spec petrol version. Let’s dive straight in and see whether the new Jaguar XE is worth your money over its German counterparts?

Jaguar XE Front view

Contrary to the custom, the XE debuts a new design philosophy for the Leaping Cat and this will now be carried over to the other vehicles. Sleeker headlamps with J-signature and a slightly reshaped grille along with the reworked front bumper are part of this new design update. Adding to the sporty demeanour are those bulges on the bonnet which neatly culminates on the low-slung nose.

Jaguar XE Left Side View

Interestingly, Jaguar has replaced chrome on the exterior with a black gloss finish which looks much better and aggressive in our opinion. We also loved the flowing silhouette of the XE. At the rear, the chicane-shaped kink on taillamp along with the ducktail bootlid, blacked-out diffusers integrating dual exhausts and flared wheel arches look gorgeous. 

Jaguar XE Right Rear Three Quarter

Overall, the updated XE comes across as a handsome-looking sedan. It stands out with sharp styling, bright colours, the right amount of bulges and creases along with well-sorted proportions.

How’s it on the inside?

Jaguar XE Dashboard

Once seated, you’d instantly realise how modern the cabin has gotten over the outgoing model. Welcome changes include an all-digital instrument cluster and a tantalizing steering wheel design. We love how different kind of materials are infused together inside the cabin. Likewise, the centre console is dominated by a wide 10-inch TouchPro system which is the latest offering from JLR. Not only is the system simple and intuitive to use, it’s also quick. Thanks to its high resolution the multiple information display is readable on the go.

Jaguar XE Instrument Panel

Below it, the air-con controls now get feather-touch buttons and large rotary dials. More importantly, the circular gear selector is replaced by a proper joystick which is much more convenient to use. On its either side, there are buttons for controlling various other vehicle functions. Another new addition here is the wireless mobile charging slot.

Jaguar XE Gear-Lever

Even with the updated cabin, ergonomics of the XE’s cabin are bang on. You have great visibility all-around and every control falls to the hands with ease. There’s a manual adjustment for steering wheel but it can be adjusted for reach and rake. With fewer buttons on the steering wheel, it isn’t very handy but given how good it looks, we are ready to overlook this. Both front seats get electric adjustment along with lumbar support and ample storage places. You also get ample headroom and shoulder room upfront while the large sunroof adds a sense of space too.

Jaguar XE Rear Seat Space

However, taller people might not have a great time in the back seat of the XE. Owing to low roof height, getting in isn’t easy and on the inside the XE is strictly four-seater courtesy of the obstructive transmission tunnel and unwelcoming centre-cushioning. Besides that, the knee room is acceptable but could do with some additional headroom. 

Jaguar XE Boot Space

That said, the boot space of 455 litres is fairly usable but is the smallest in its segment. Dimensionally, it’s got enough length but could do with more width; nonetheless, the low loading lip adds convenience to slide in heavy baggage.

How is it to drive?

Jaguar XE Action

Under the bulging bonnet of the XE is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder BS6 petrol engine which produces 247bhp at 5500rpm and 365Nm of torque between 1500-4000rpm. The only transmission choice available is an eight-speed automatic. On idle, the motor is extremely refined and silent. But off the mark, there’s a marked delay between putting your foot down and the engine to respond, more so in Eco mode. However, once past that, the XE is a pretty easy car to drive be it in the city or on the highway. 

Jaguar XE Engine Bay

Power delivery is linear while gearshifts are smooth and barely noticeable. However, the gearbox could do with little more eagerness as it takes its own time to go about doing its work. But the XE is no slouch – in our testing, it managed to do the 0-100kmph sprint in 8.72 seconds. Meanwhile, the Baby Jag was able to roll on 20-80kmph in 5.37 seconds and 40-100kmph in just 6.17 seconds.

Jaguar XE Action

There are three driving modes – Eco, Dynamic and Comfort. In the Eco mode, the response is subdued to extract maximum fuel efficiency by shifting early. Whereas, the Dynamic mode holds on to the gear for as long as it can, even shifting close to redline. We found the Comfort mode to be well, comfortable. In the this mode, the electric steering is light at low speeds for city driving but weighs up nicely as the speed increases. Even the engine response is tractable and you can slot it in Comfort mode and keep it there for all your driving needs.

Jaguar XE Action

With just two and a half turns going lock to lock, we also found the steering of the XE to be direct, predictable and providing loads of feedback. Thanks to the stiff suspension setup, there’s barely any roll and the lightweight aluminium construction of the XE also aids in superb body control. But it doesn’t mean the ride is stiff by any standards. Jaguar has managed to strike a perfect balance with the suspension as the XE absorbs everything you throw in its way with ease. Small bumps and bad road surfaces are barely felt inside the cabin and even sharped edged roads are comfortably taken astride. Apart from that, the ride remains flat at triple-digit speeds. What we’d have liked though is a nice soundtrack from those dual exhausts adding to the XE’s sporty character.

Jaguar XE Action

Should I buy one?

Jaguar XE Action

The Jaguar XE is not only a handsome-looking sedan, but it’s also an easy car to live with. It’s got a well-packaged cabin, a potent powertrain and with the latest update, it has all the equipment you’d expect from a car of its caliber. Another upper hand it has over its German rivals is exclusivity due to which it manages to grab attention on the street. So if you love driving, appreciate quality and feature laded interior, have a family of four and don’t mind the tight space at the back seats, why not get yourself the Jaguar XE?

Where does it fit in?

Jaguar XE Front view

The Jaguar XE P250 retails at Rs 46.33 lakhs while the S trim is priced at Rs 44.98 lakhs (ex-showroom) which means it undercuts the BMW 3 Series 330i, but is on par with Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 Progressive, and Audi A4 30TFSI.

Pictures by Kaustubh Gandhi

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जैगवार एक्सई कलर्स

एक्सई भारत में निम्नलिखित कलर में उपलब्ध / बेची जाती है।

* यहां पर दिखाए कलर्स सांकेतिक हैं और ये कार के वास्तविक कलर्स से थोड़ा अलग हो सकते हैं।

जैगवार एक्सई माइलेज

फ़्यूल टाइपट्रांसमिशनमाइलेज

(1997 cc)

ऑटोमैटिक12.66 km/लीटर

समाचार में जैगवार एक्सई

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सिटीऑन रोड प्राइस
मुंबई₹ 55.99 लाख से शुरू
बैंग्लोर₹ 59.54 लाख से शुरू
दिल्ली₹ 54.23 लाख से शुरू
पुणे₹ 58 लाख से शुरू
हैदराबाद₹ 56.94 लाख से शुरू
अहमदाबाद₹ 51.92 लाख से शुरू
चेन्नई₹ 57.21 लाख से शुरू
कोलकाता₹ 52.04 लाख से शुरू
चंडीगढ़₹ 52.74 लाख से शुरू

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    जैगवार एक्सई₹ 46.64 लाख एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस
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