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    हुंडई अल्काज़ार सिग्नेचर (o) 6 str 1.5 डीजल एटी पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Have taken ALCAZAR 6 seater Signature variant Diesel AT. at Chennai. My comparison was with XUV 700, MG Hector plus, Tata Safari. 1st I need a Diesel AT engine, So I removed MG from list. Safari's middle row with sleek arm rest parents find hard to fit inside. too jumpy on bumps and lagging in features. so removed. XUV 700 a real competitor need to pay 30.5 lakhs where i got all the features in 24.5 lakhs and as am a daily user I need Ventilated cooled seats where XUV 700 top variant doesn't have the feature and the mileage is 8 in city. See Am not Schumacher to race on road. I want to travel Pan India. I don't want extreme powered engine 2 or 3. Litre. This ALCAZAR 1.5 L Crdi Diesel Engine is more enough our Indian roads. It's a proven engine with high reliability and mileage. T Those who want the middle passengers enjoy luxury and comfort go for 6 seater. especially people beyond 40 age can go for 6 seater. Simply awesome, no second thoughts, the space, comfort, luxury, maneuverability, OMG the audio system BOSE really happy. D cut steering, omg, the infotainment, MID, cluster, panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats, power seat, the special blind spot cameras is top notch etc etc. Was shifted from Ford. used 4 ford ( FIgo, Fiesta, 2 Ecosports ) cars in 12 years. But I wasn't disappointed with Hyundai We are completely happy, especially my parents told this is the best comfort so far. Never thought Hyundai can give this much. The good thing about this car is, no need of after market fittings like Hi end Music system, Middle Window blinds, full floor mat etc. it has. 30.10.2022 got delivered From FPL Ambatur, Chennai, We went to Velankanni Church, Nagoor Mosque and Kumbakonam Temples like Darasuram Temple, Kumbehwarar Temple, Tanjore Brihadeeshwara temple and came back to Chennai on 02.11.22 got delivery Really enjoyed and literally no complaints on any aspect. next we have planned to Southern tip End of India - Kanyakumari and Madurai 2nd trip. Then Goa and Humpy 3rd trip Next Ooty & Kerala as 4th trip. Those who enjoy driving with family. This is the best car. Happy Motoring. Safe drive.
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