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    हुंडई अल्काज़ार [2021-2023] प्रेस्टीज 7 STR 1.5 डीजल पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Just driven 500 Kms, Pros: 1. Butter smooth engine and gearbox 2. Awesome Looks 3. Quality is Top Class since this is from Hyundai, also vast service network 4. Very Compact to drive in the city, Elderly Parents, ladies, the new car owners can drive easily in the city and highway. Easy to Park in the city 5. Base variant, but get ALL the latest features including Panoramic Sunroof, ambient lighting, telescopic staring, Auto AC, Keyless entry, TPMS, 10.2 Inc entertainment screen with blue link to control car cover mobile 6. 200 MM Ground clearance, no need to worry of Big humps and potholes 7. Not as expensive as Safari, Hector, and Harrier 8. Proven engine with millions of kilometers from Creta owners, we have hardly heard about issues in this engine/gearbox/cars 9. No vision block while driving like Safari/Harrier 10. Elderly parents/short height people can climb up and get down easily unlike safari 11. Post 30 Km/h OR post-1600 RPM car has Awesome power 12. Best in segment boot space with all seats up (almost nil in Safari/XUV700) 13. Easy to maintain interiors with dark colors unlike white/ cream colors in Safari / XUV700 14. Very soft suspension, good for bad road 15. ORVM /IRVM coverage is very good and the turning radius is also good for the city use 16. Waiting period is just 3 weeks unlike XUV700 with 1+ year 17. NVH level is AWESOME better than any diesel car in the segment or above 18. Awesome Mileage ( My brand new car gives 17+ with 70% high traffic Highway and 30% City), post 2nd service will go over 19+ for sure. 19. Good Resale value (My guess) since this is the big brother of Creta 20. Very good headroom in all 3 rows 21. since has a good size boot 3rd rows of passengers would be a little safer compared to safari/XUV700 with no boot (I Guess) 22. Seats Fold completely FLAT in both 3rd row and 2nd row, hence easy sleep / take rest on emergencies 23. Very easy to go to the 3rd row due to tumbling seats from both the sides, not there in XUV700/Safari CONS: 1. Not Spacious like Safari/ XUV700 2. Engine struggles below 20Km/h, will force to go to 1st Gear unlike Safari/XUV700 3. Hyundai Labor cost during services is a BOMB 4. NOT for a family with all Tall members (above 5.8), very Cramped compared to safari /XUV 700 5. 3rd row is for Purely for Kids below 10 years or short people below 5.5 feet (that too only when 2nd row is pulled all the way front) 6. No BIG SUV feeling here (Just looks exactly like Creta from the front) unlike Safari/XUV700 7. Person sitting in the middle does not get a headrest nor 3 point seat belt 8. 3rd-row seat is too upright, and not comfortable for the long drive. 9. 2nd-row seat does not recline much, just at a relaxed position, cannot sleep like in Hector 10. With a full load and on low speeds, frequent gear shifts needed 11. 2nd-row seats are not wide, and sitting 3 is not as comfortable as Safari 12. Cannot go fast over a bad road/small humps, the passenger will be thrown up 13. When people see from front, many will ask is this Creta or assume it to be Creta and ask questions
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