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A user review on होंडा अमेज. Written by Dilip Tolani on 22 June, 2018

प्राइस: ₹ 6.17 - 10.03L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
Dilip Tolani's Ratings
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Don't go on looks of the car. Don't trust the honda brand for this particular car. Car is defective from production itself. All the cars not uniformly made. Car is vibrating alot while reversing. Car won't go in reverse on a steep slope. Poor pickup from a stand still position. Suspension of brand new is making noises. Glove is opening itself on small jerks. I am from jodhur rajasthan and I bought this car from only dearlership in my city PARAS HONDA. I brought home my car on 10/06/2018 and immediately started experiencing problem with reverse gear as every time the car was vibrating heavily while reversing. Pickup of the car is also not even.

Now what happened is that on very same day I told the person who sold me this car that there is some problem and he told me w'll look into it tomorrow. Next day they checked the car and acknowledged that yes the is vibrating and asked for 2 days from me so I waited for two days but got no answer from them. Then again I went to the showroom asking them to stop my RTO processing till my issue is resolved, so they asked me to meet their manager MR. P.K. Roy and his answer to me was that he won't stop the RTO processing as he can not because they have link, quoting him "NO LENA DENA" with RTO and its now between you and RTO. When I finally asked for RTO receipt for money transfer to them he said aapka processing hold pe rakh diya gaya hai as requested by you.

He again got the car checked from a different service personel which as he mentioned is his best guy and his job is reporting car problems and customer feedback. Firstly he refused to accept any problem in the car but when we took a joint trail of the car only then he agreed to all the issues. When i told the manager that many other buyers are reporting same problems and even showed him some customer reviews, he said this is all rubish and unauthentic. So to clear my doubt he asked me to drive another new honda amaze petrol vx model with the same service guy and during the drive we both experinced the same vibration when in reverse gear, he told that to the manager and he promised me that he will takeup this issue with honda technical department. I asked him to take the car back as it is defective and tell honda that customer is not accepting this car. He refused to take the car back saying "k main ab ye kisko bechunga kharab car and company bhi vapas nai legi".

I have taken in written from them that they have got the car check and have acknowledged all the problems and also that they are not accepting the car back and i am taking it against my will. On following visit manager told my elder brother that fine we will replace your car so asked us to drive another car and as it tourned out this new car also had the same problem and again we left from there with a false promise of solution and communication with Honda. Mean while I myself had contacted honda through mail and their 121 trol free no 1800 113 121 and told them my complete ordeal and got back nothing but false promises of solution and communication with dealership. Only mail that i have got back is sorry for inconvenience and we are looking into it. They told me that sir you will get a call back from our seniors and dealership, I am still waiting for that call. On my next visit to the showroom the manager tells me that honda has replied to my concern and told us that there is no problem with my car.

They forwared that mail to me which said yes we have check your car upon your request and have found no anomaly in your car. How did they checked my car when i was with the whole time. Dealership said that they made a video of my car when I initially brought it for checking and on that basis company has made this decision. I asked them to provide me the video which they have sent , manager's reply was that 'this is there internal matter and why are you getting into it', I told him that video is evidence and u'll have give it to me and upon that he told me sorry sir video is lost we don't have it anymore, I told him aapne report mail ki hai company ko toh mail pe report and video dono hoga ya company se mangwalo, then came the biggest shock in all this, manager Mr. P.K ROY tell me as I qoute him " were you blind when you bought this car, did you not look a test a drive before buying" I told him yes I did then he said so now you should not complain. Finally a person who said he represents honda told me that sir ye vibration ka issue hamari sab cars me hai kisime kam kisime zada or kisime nai hai and ye company ki technical guidelines me hai.

I told him sir if thats the case then this vibration should be in all the cars and even in test drive car and honda should mention this fact in their advertisements and brochures. Finally after all this I have FILED A CASE against company and dealership for CHEATING and SELLING a defective product in CONSUMER COURT. Anyone who either has doubt on me or is facing same problem with their car can contact me on my no. 8769XXXXXX. If your new car has a problem from very beginning then don't settle with it and don't settle with repairs and parts replacement. It is in your consumer rights that you are entitled to a complete, genuine and uniform product be it a needle a phone or a car. Its in your right to ask for a complete replacement or a complete refund.

Thank you.

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