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    • Best car in this segment in this price

      Exterior Solid Build quality. Front looks Amazing.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Nice interior. Enriched with all latest features. Enough leg space. Head space is more than expectation.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox 95 BHP Powerful engine. Descent fuel economy. Smooth gear box. The suspension also makes for a very confident feel when driving enthusiastically, irrespective of whether you're on smooth asphalt or non-existent roads. The wider track benefits handling as well by adding to the planted feel. And in typical Ford tradition the Freestyle's steering is very communicative which adds to the driving experience.

      Ride Quality & Handling Very good grip on road. You will feel energetic due to powerful engine and ease in handling. Perfect for city as well as highway. On the safety front the Freestyle gets six airbags. Traction control, ABS and EBD are on offer as well

      Final Words Perfect car in this segment. Compared all the cars in this budget and found this one the best in class. Good for young people who want to enjoy perfect riding.

      Areas of improvement However boot space is 257 liter which is descent but could have been bigger. However it is more than enough to carry monthly grocery items.

      Good Build Quality. 190 mm Ground Clearance. Powerful Engine. Enrich Features. 6 Airbags.Boot Space could have been better.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Raj Kumar Singh
    • Excellent CUV perfect vehicle

      Exterior Good meaningful exteriors, great ground clearance, boxy and musclular built. 

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Great features especially safety features best in the class, Hill assist is awesome in hills and traction control, ABS, EBD etc. keeps the vehicle stable in rough roads. Infotainment system is great. Screen is very responsive, Rear view camra and sensors are of good quality.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Super engine power, smooth and refined, NVH lvel is almost NiL, linear and powerful performance. easy gear shift. Grear tuning is just perfect.

      Ride Quality & Handling Exceptional ride quality and handling. Always remains stable . Good in cities too. incresed ground clearance is great advantage on rough roads and hills. its truly a drivers car you will love to drive.

      Final Words Greate Value for money car, for Hills, city or Highways. Best in the segment with powerful engine and easy to drive and handle. Equipped with latest & best features one can have in this amount. Perfect car for indian conditions.

      Areas of improvement Rear Fixed headrests, Mileage, boot spae may have been incresed by adjusting the produding reqar bumper.

      Excellent handling and control and powerFixed rear Head rest, No AMT
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Pardeep Kr. Verma
    • Beautiful, Smooth and Powerful Car

      Exterior Looks awesome! Nice design and it looks like a big car when you see it in person.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Nicely done with all required features while you driving car. seat comfort is great while doing long highway trips. Infotainment system is great and having all the features I use in my another car (Ciaz Top Model).

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Super smooth ride with great power, transmission is soft too. Engine sounds super cool when you rev it hard. Fuel economy is bit less, but okay!

      Ride Quality & Handling Handling is super precise, Ride quality is great even while driving off road. Suspension setup is great, you can't feel small pot holes and bumps on road. Breaks are so much powerful and it stops very stable even if you don't hold steering wheel.

      Final Words Best value for money car, No comparisions in price braket with this much features. If you are planning to buy mid size car for city driving or for daily commute then this is the best car.

      Design, Interior, Infotainment system, Cabin Space, Handling and Ride comfortFuel Economy a bit
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Raviraj Chauhan
    • Excellent car with best in segment.

      I drive this wonderful CUV for a few km.s test drive. the diesel engine is very responsive and powerful. Gearbox is lighter. Features and interiors in this car is just like SUV. and value for money. Driver seat is very comfortable. Some changes I would like to suggest that back seat should have adjustable head rests and 40/60 split seats. Boot should also suggest to improve. Mileage of the diesel car is 16.3kmpl which I was drove. is the best in the segment.

      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | SOMARAJU PASUNOORI
    • Freestyle - Thumbs up

      Exterior Excellent Build quality and ground clearance. Have added some nice but limited touches like roof rails etc. to make it more SUV-Like.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Excellent Space & Comfort. You really will feel safe in a FORD vehicle.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Amazing Performance with the 1.5l, ye to check on Fuel Economy, fairly good gearbox and responsive.

      Ride Quality & Handling Excellent ride quality & handling. As always, FORD cars are a pleasure to drive and enjoy doing it.

      Final Words Value for money, Excellent performance, comfort, ground clearance, and safety.  Very nicely sits between Ford cars & Ford Ecosport. Clear winner.

      Someone who wishes to go for SUV, or SUV like EcoSport but with budget constraints should go for the top variant of Freestyle with peace of mind. If the Top variant could have priced between 8-8.50, then really could have been a big difference with the overall package and tough for competitors.

      Areas of improvement At least in the top end variants, could have added projector lamps, DRL's, 60:40 rear seat split.

      Excellent Comfort, Performance and Safety. Typical Ford - excellent car to enjoy drivingNo Projector headlights, DRL's, 60:40 rear seat split even for the top end version
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Roopesh
    • Aircraft maintenance engineer

      I have made up my mind to buy one, once auto transmission comes in. It's excellent in size, ground clearance, but you should give 60/40 seat at the rear to give boot space flexibility, congrats ford for designing this middle pocket size customers, as soon as auto transmission comes I am going to have soon.

      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Hari padhye
    • Amazing vehicle at this price point

      Though I have not bought this excellent vehicle as i am not planning to change existing one (only 2 years old), I just recommend this excellent peace of work to everyone who is desirous to buy a new vehicle.  it is an excellent vehicle at this range, far better than Swift, Grant i10, Baleno, and Elite i20. The engine response, manoveuoring, handling, build quality are far better and world class. Enough spacious for city and small family, can be used in city and on highway with equal ease, parking in city is not at a problem considering compact design. You press the peddle and see the response of engine, you will be just amazed to notice. Their upgrade in cabin is just amazing, touch screen console is highly responsive and crisp, music system is manageable. The best part is that they are providing ABS and dual AIRBAGS as standard which is highly appreciating considering safety as a prime focus.

      One should must try this car before buying any other car.

      Far better than competition for Engine, Space, Drive-ability, Ground Clearance and many moreNothing
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | sunil
    • Not only Value of in segments ..well done ford
      Driving with joy comes with nice feature with unexpected price. Maruti suzuki should learn now from ford how to give customer satisfaction with every model. People who are going with MS because of there service network but if anyone from metro city why they are going for MS i have no idea because ford service center also available.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Rajib
    • A family Mini MPV Nice

      Exterior Great Styling.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Feature wise the product is well and upmarket, Great space and can easily fit 5 with comfort and has a great luggage compartment for a vacation.

      Ride Quality & Handling Amazing ride quality and handling. Its nothing . Just mind blowing. A Family car and not exactly a car for youngsters with love for some action. On the other hand this has best in class boot and cabin space no doubt about it. I could hardly fit in a ny car as i was above 6 feet 3 so this was almost perfect. Seats are very comfortable a delightful u can easily sleep rest and even sleep :P to that extent they are comfortable. Backseat is top notch too wide bench leg room is Huge headroom is good too. Class leading Overall.

      Engine performance. I am a user of swift and punto and I thought punto lacks power.

      Areas of improvement Engine Size could be bigger-1.3.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Very Pleasant. Engine Performance, Fuel EconomyEngine Size could be bigger,
      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | varghese
    • Excellent to be your first car

      Engine amazing in class. Petrol is powerful and mileage is decent. Build quality. You will feel safe with air bag seat belt and a tough skin of the car. Drive-easy mauvering, stable drive, confident cruise, Interior. Decent but LCD is amazing Space. Decent could have been a little more in case of storage and back seat. Since this car is meant to go places. Over all a good strong car to drive.

      पूरा पढ़ें
      4 साल पहले | Shashank

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