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    Why Endeavour trumps the Fortuner

    1 साल पहले | Hrithik Sharma

    फोर्ड एंडेवर टाइटेनियम प्लस 2.0 4x4 ऑटोमैटिक पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Fortuner is undoubtedly the king of full-size SUV segment in the size dominated Indian market, even after such fierce competition from way better competitors, namely Endeavour and Alturas G4, fortunes sales chart seem unaffected, it still manages to sell around 1000 units in a month! Even the recession in the car market could not stop the Fortuner in its sales. It offers great reliability and cheap maintenance, after all its wearing the Toyota logo with all its pride and honestly, that's what sells this product. It has nothing else going for itself except these few points. But i still fail to understand why aren't the customers in this segment thinking with an open mind, the endeavour should be leading the sales charts because there's hardly any area where the Fortuner out shadows the endeavour. Fortuner is just the pickup truck named Hilux and honestly its like they've just added sharp-looking LED lights to make it visually appealing and nothing else, the lack of features clearly puts a strong argument for this point, although endeavour is also based on a pickup truck, yet they have done their work, like adding noise-cancelling sensors, tweaking the suspension to absorb the bumps in a better manner, which is required in our Indian segment, and many more features. Customers complain that endeavour's not reliable, has high maintenance and low resale value, but none of this is true. The endeavour would be equally reliable as the Fortuner, fords services are now actually one of the cheapest in India and resale is not based on brand, it depends on the car and Endeavour is a great product and would offer great resale value. In conclusion, i urge the customers of this segment to give a shot to endeavour before going with Fortuner and i can guarantee you wouldn't be disappointed, please put your hard-earned money to its best use. Thank you for reading my review, i hope it helps you in your purchasing decision. Have a great day.
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