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    Amazingly Desired Car Ford Aspire...titanium

    1 साल पहले | Dr Zoyev khan

    फोर्ड एस्पायर टाइटेनियम1.5 tdci [2018-2020] पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Buying Experience:- got 15k corporate discount, 10K diwali scratch coupon discount, 5K negotiation with dealer with free illuminated scuff plates wiorth rps 3.5k, and black colored body side protection moulding of 1k, overall 34 k discount.. delivered within a week after booking.(on 13/10/2019) Riding experience:- amazing car, great fuel efficiency, i am getting 24 kmpl in city drive with 50-60% time AC on, driven 400km only till now.( I am trying to drive below 1500rpm to get max fuel efficiency with no harsh acceleration.) looks and performance:- My Aston martin, my friend is also having ford aspire titanium , he has driven this extreme machine at 180kmph. engine is outstanding. Servicing and maintenance:- I don't know much about this, but servicing cost is around 4k - 6.5K rps every 10k km. Pros:- value for money,better than all other options available in Sub-Sedan category.
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