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Datsun go 5 years user - Datsun GO A(O) [2018-2020] Review

A user review on डैटसन गो. Written by Abdullah Sadath on 16 February, 2020

प्राइज़: ₹ 3.99 - 6.45L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
Abdullah Sadath's Ratings
निजी डैटसन गो?
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रिव्यू लिखें

  • समस्त
  • दिखावट
  • परफ़ॉर्मेंस
  • रिक्ति/आराम
  • फ़्यूल इकोनॉमी
  • वैल्यू फ़ॉर मनी
वर्ज़न रिव्यू : A(O) [2018-2020]
ख़रीदारी : न्यू
परिचय : कुछ हजार किलोमीटर

Full Review

Datsun GO: I have been using this car from 2014 August, we are one of the proud owners of Datsun go. We took the vehicle in trust of Nissan tech. We covered around 54000 Kms in this car in around 5 years and we faced no major issues till now. We use this car for local travels mostly. Agreed that the body is light and may not withstand an accident. But to be frank, this car has a damn good braking system it's so good so I can have the confidence to drive at 3 digits. Steering and drivability is par. Ground clearance bis a bit low and that reduces lift at high speeds, sticks on the ground at high speeds. Mileage is from 14 to 18 as depend on the drive. The high torque makes easy to drive at slops. The third gear is not as short as in Maruti which will give a complaint from all Maruti drivers as in Kerala even NH have lots of traffic. Service cost is on the lesser side as I didn't face much trouble till now. Further repair cost yet to be known. Parts like brake pads are easily available in the local market so no need to visit an authorised service centre, I said this because Nissan has very few service centres. If Nissan improves all its service network Datsun would have created a history.
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