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    New BMW Z4 Review: Pros and Cons

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    Abhishek Nigam

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    बीएमडब्ल्यू z4 सामने दाईं ओर तीन-क्वॉर्टर


    BMW Z4 Action

    When you think sportscar, you already have a kind of pre-set image in the head. Red, sleek with a drop top, just like you see in the movies. Now, BMW had an idea about this sportscar image in our heads and they decided to give a form to it with this, the all new Z4. Yes, it certainly looks the part, but how good is it? We answer that question by telling you four things that we really liked about the new Z4 and two things we didn’t.



    BMW Z4 Front Right Three-Quarter

    Now the most important aspect of a sportscar has to be its design, after all it’s the stuff we dream of and see in the movies right?

    BMW Z4 Rear Right Three-Quarter

    And BMW has got it spot on when it comes to the design grabbing scores of attention. BMW has played the aggression game with the new Z4. The swept back headlights along with the diamond pattern mesh in the kidney grille give it an angry face. Then there’s the sculpted front bumper which has so many elements that it feels like there’s a rocket launcher built in it. The sides reek of the roadster theme with the short boot and long bonnet. The vertical air-vent adds plenty of character and tells people that is more than just a good looker.

    BMW Z4 Right Side

    Unlike the previous car, the new Z4 gets a canvas to save weight and while it still is a looker with the black canvas on, it’s with the top down that the Z4 turns into supermodel. Overall, the Z4 is every bit a looker and ideal example of a sportscar.


    BMW Z4 Action

    A sportscar needs to match the go with the show and BMW has made sure the Z4 is an ideal combination of looks and performance.

    BMW Z4 Action

    In this M40i trim, the Z4 gets a 3-litre turbocharged, inline-6 cylinder engine pushing out an impressive 345bhp and 500Nm of torque. Sport plus mode engaged and the pedal put to the floor, the Z4 turns into a magical concoction of speed, thrill and tingling senses. Acceleration is brutal and the Z4 will manage a sub 5-second 0-100 kmph time. Then there’s the noise. Full bore acceleration is an aural mix inline-6 symphony complimented by plenty of pops and crackles and it just goads you into driving harder which let me add is a rewarding experience.


    BMW Z4 Action

    Again since this is a sportscar, it needs to make you smile when you drive it, so does it? Now good handling does not necessarily mean that it has to corner like on rails or be a demon on the racetrack. Good handling also equates to how easy the car is to drive fast on normal roads and the Z4 definitely obliges. The steering is light in comfort mode so driving in traffic is easy while sport mode ups the steering weighty-ness to get more feel. Steering is also pretty quick so the Z4 can dart into corners in a very agile manner. And not to mention there is loads of grip so the Z4 can carry high speeds around the bends comfortably.

    Very Acceptable Ride Quality

    BMW Z4 Action

    A low slung sportscar built for speed is bound to have difficulties when the black top is riddled with craters and speed breakers, but to our surprise, the Z4 managed quite well.

    While we did have to baby it over really monster speed breakers, the normal ones were handled easily. Even the ride quality despite being firm, handled bad sections quite well with the Z4 only thudding over sharp edges. Overall, driven in comfort mode it is very easy living the everyday life in the Z4.


    Not the Most Spacious Cabin

    BMW Z4 Front-Seats

    Now, I know the Z4 isn’t really made as a spacious family car, it’s a two-seater after all, but even then you are left a little wanting when it comes to roominess.

    With the roof up, it does feel a little tight in the cabin. At 5’9 inches and on the healthier side, I fit well in the seats, but a bigger frame will spill out. Storage hasn’t been given two much thought either. You will have to hunt for space to keep two large phones and the centre storage isn’t too deep either.

    Limited Boot-space

    BMW Z4 Boot Space

    The space issues follow into the boot as well. At 281 litres, the space is just enough for a weekend trip, however most of the space is already gobbled up by the 17-inch space-saver which leaves very little room for anything else. Now a spare tyre isn’t something you would want to leave behind on a long trip so basically you just have to travel light in the Z4.


    BMW Z4 Front view

    With the new Z4, BMW have quite an impressive package. It looks fantastic and is sure to be an attention magnet no matter where you go. It also gets an epic engine that makes it an extremely fun car to drive.

    Now, this M40i at Rs. 78.90 lakh does cost a good amount of money, but the icing on the cake here is the smaller engine sDrive 20i variant which at Rs. 64.90 lakh will give you the same amount attention and not to mention open-top motoring experience albeit at a way lower price tag.

    An ideal sportscar then? We think yes!

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