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    My amazing experience with Dark Shadow Edition

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    बीएमडब्ल्यू x7 डार्क शैडो इडिशन पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Everyone who is about to read my review I am informing you in advance that it will be pretty long. I and my family were in the market for a high-end luxury SUV. We first thought of buying 1 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Dark Badge's or 1 BMW X7'S or Aston Martin DBX, so we checked with Rolls-Royce India if there is a Rolls-Royce showroom and service in Hyderabad, they said they had both of them in Hyderabad which is owned by KUN-Exclusive which is above the BMW showroom and next to Mini-Cooper Showroom, next we contacted Rolls-Royce Hyderabad and asked if they had 1 Cullinan Dark Badge in stock, So the other one may take about 6 months for it to come to Hyderabad, so we said we do not need them. Next, we called Aston-Martin India and asked if there is a showroom and Service-Centre in Hyderabad, they said the nearest showroom and service Centre is 12 hours away from Hyderabad and 13 hours 2 minutes from my house, Next let us go to BMW X7, I already know that there is a showroom and a Service-Centre in Hyderabad, As I already own 3 BMW'S which is a 2011 BMW 330I, 2010 BMW 520D, and a BMW 2021 X7 40I M-SPORT. As I mentioned in the BMW X740I M-sport review that We were planning to buy 2 high-end luxury SUV's we bought a BMW X740I M-sport, but since they did not have 2 of the X7 40I M-sport we purchased one BMW X7 Dark Shadow Edition. THE SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE The maintenance is easy for you guys because it is very easy because even if you crash only a dent will come on the body, only if you do a crash when you are at full speed then only the car will get major damages, even if you are in the car not wearing a seatbelt also then also you will not get hurt because the airbags will be deployed when you are met with the accident, and also will immediately call the roadside assistance, they will come for your emergency immediately. DRIVING EXPERIENCE Till now I had driven it for about 2 lakh km in almost 2 years. I am doing a long trip to London with my family in the Bmw x7 in about a week or so, I had just got my travel permission for going to London in my car. NOW COMING TO PROS AND CONS The pros of the dark shadow edition are the light M-sport 22-inch alloys in a V-Spoke design with a matt-black finish and fitted with mixed tires. The superior engine is accompanied by the emotionally powerful sound of the M-Sport Exhaust System.
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