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"Maruti Suzuki Swift” OR “Hyundai i20"

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#1 23-Aug, 2009 07:39 AM
Joined Date: 16 Aug 2009
Location: Gurgaon
Posts: 116
Likes: 1

Hello All

I want your suggestion
Want to compare “Maruti Suzuki Swift” and “Hyundai i20” (PETROL)

“Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi” OR “Hyundai i20 Magna”
Both of them have almost same features. Which one will you suggest n why?

What if I select models with ABS … is ASB useful in small car?  …. My driving is in city only
“Hyundai i20 Asta” OR “Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi (ABS)”

Please don’t suggest any other car.

it is worth spending extra 50k for i20 as swift is less expensive with almost same features?


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#2 23-Aug, 2009 08:52 AM
Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
Location: Hyderabad
Posts: 2060
Likes: 82

Hyundai I20 1.2 kappa

List price (ex-showroom Delhi)

  • Magna-4,80,200

What works:

  • Contemporary European Design and engineering
  • Safety kit on Asta and 5 star rating
  • Quality interiors
  • Plethora of features
  • Refined kappa engine
  • Respectable mileage for a car of this size
  • Space for 5 people
  • Good boot space
  • Competent Hyundai service

What needs work:

  • Engine wheezes on highway on full load
  • Overtaking manouvers need to be planned
  • Artificial steering feel from motor driven power steering (MDPS)
  • Expensive for a 1.2
  • Flat seats a bit low on comfort
  • Inconsistant ride and handling
  • Resale value suspect

Maruti Swift 1.3 AlTec

List Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)

  • LXI-3,99,987
  • VXI-4,37,506
  • VXI ABS-4,56,520
  • ZXI ABS and dual airbags-5,15,823

What works

  • Design still looks good after 4 years despite being so common
  • A favourite with youngsters
  • Awesome front seats
  • Sporty Driving position
  • Amazing handling, even with EPS
  • Chuckable city hatch
  • ZXI is VFM for equipment levels
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Resale value
  • Maruti’s aftersales service
  • Flexible engine at high revs, refined and loves to be revved harder.

What needs work

  • Claustrophobic rear seats and windows
  • Small boot
  • Questionable Build quality
  • Squeaks and rattles persistant
  • Engine, though competant, is now outclassed by ritz’s-KB in terms of refinement and flexibility
  • Waiting period
  • Fidgety ride
  • LXI and VXI versions are under-tyred.

Exterior Design:

  • Hyundai I 20: 7 /10
  • Maruti swift: 7 /10

The I20, is actually one of better and cohesively designed Hyundais appealing to European tastes. Launched in fall 2008 to replace the getz in European markets, it looks a matured, clean and contemporary design out of their studios in Russelshim, Germany. The front end is however the only standout in an otherwise ordinary shape. Inspired by SLK-it looks striking and has some presence on the road. From the side, it would pass as any french supermini, same from the rear end which resembles the current vauxhall/ opel corsa.The Huge “H” logo which acts as a tailgate opener and the curvy rear bumper are the only striking elements here.

The swift, launched in 2005 is based on a new suzuki global small car platform with modern mechanicals and was the first car that came with suzuki’s new design language, aimed at youth and sporty crowd. Its radical looks made it a favourite with youngsters and tuners alike, still, after 4 years and 3,50,000 swifts after, it looks fresh, mature and the right car for the Gen Y, making it their default choice. The front is striking with its peeled headlights and huge chunky bumper, the side apes the mini with a 2-box design and the buldging flared wheel arches, and the rear with its boomerang taillights looks different from any other car on the road, a key to its success. It still commands waiting lists that other manufacturers would love to die for.

Chassis engineering:

  • Hyundai I 20: 7 /10
  • Maruti swift: 8 /10
  • The Hyundai I20 is designed more towards easy driving than sporty handling, key to markets in Europe. It is a new generation PB chassis, more stiff than the jazz’s though in terms of packaging and space it does fall short, despite of having a long wheelbase than the Honda’s. All in all, it follows a conventional chassis trend as with any other European supermini of tod

    My Punto

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    #3 23-Aug, 2009 08:58 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82

    The Swift and ritz are based on the same platform, but one is designed for the enthusiast and the other for practical, family oriented nature.
    The swift follows the suzuki’s new global RBSS chassis philosophy with suspension bits inspired from the junior WRC like the stiff spring and damper rates, performance shockers and lightweight rigid chassis aided to improve handling and makes it for a superb chuckable city hatch.

     Build Quality:

    • Hyundai I 20: 8 /10
    • Maruti swift: 6 /10

    Hyundai’s I20 again has been designed keeping in mind the needs of quality conscious Europeans and despite being built in India for global markets, quality feels on par with the Europeans. Though the body may lake structural rigidity of the punto and fabia, build, fit and finish is excellent for the asking price and the body feels well screwed together.

    And unfortunately, inconsistent build quality forms a part of Maruti ownership experience. High demand and volume production with enormous pressure due to waiting periods have taken its toll on the build quality of both its cars-the swift and ritz.

    The ritz, being better built of the 2 marutis, is expectd to last more onger than its elder sibling, the swift which unfortunately suffers from early squeaks and rattles in early stages, as felt by many owners. Panel gaps are wide and inconsistent on both marutis and it does not give you a “built to last” feeling as compared to some other cars. Quality of bumpers in both cars is questionable since they can easily break apart when towed. Same goes for doors which can produce a dent even when hit slightly.
    Replacement of door hinges at least 2-3 times is part of ownership experience and its high time that maruti pays attention to this problem.

    Interior design and quality

    • Hyundai I 20: 7 /10
    • Maruti swift: 6 /10

    The I20’s interiors may have a dull design but are superbly finished and the two-tone beige and brown interior scheme feels airy and luxurious, if not to everyone’s taste. However, the dashboard feels a bit old school with convectional stereo and vertical AC vents, even though ergonomically it is superb, especially the toggle type audio controls on the steering wheel. The door pockets are big and glove box is deep and cooled, superb attention to detail, so are the tell-tale signs displayed on the mini screen on top of the dashboard.

    Both the marutis-the swift and the ritz follow a similar interior theme-black and sportiness. The swift’s dashboard is well designed and wraps around the driver nicely, giving it a sporty feeling. It is also somewhat better built as compared to the previous marutis but still has its work cut out. In the ZXI version, the integrated audio looks superb and gels well with the dash, so do some splashes of silver. However, at the rear due to small windows, it feels claustrophobic and does not impart a feeling of airiness. Storage space above the dashboard is wasted, though there is a big shelf to store CDs and also, two cupholders abound. Door pockets, though large are slim and do not solve any purpose either.

    My Punto
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    #4 23-Aug, 2009 09:03 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82

    Space and comfort:

    • Hyundai I 20: 8 /10
    • Maruti swift: 6 /10

    The newest Korean, the I20, doesn’t do as bad as far as overall comfort is concerned. The front seats are generous and even though they are placed low, a combination of tilt/telescopic steering wheel and height adjust means it is again easy to find an optimal driving position. The front seats are comfy but could do better from the lower back and under thigh support point of view, since they are flat and have an abrupt design near the edges, which means overall under thigh support is compromised.
    The rear seats are again, spacious and comfy, but are no match for jazz and vista, due to their flat design and the seats are not contoured enough to hold the body together in a way these 2 cars do. Although the inclination is better, more was expected from a car that has a bigger wheelbase as compared to jazz.

    The swift, again is supremely comfortable in the front with generous legroom and the driving position feels one of the sportiest in this group. In ZXI, now maruti offers both tilt steering and seat height adjust as standard, aiding optimal driving position.
    For a car of this size, the front is very comfy and large seat travel means all shapes and sizes can fit here. But it’s a different story at the rear-though the seat is pretty comfortable, width and legroom is in short supply and it gets worse when 3 people are sitted, the small windows not helping either.When 1 person is chauffeur driven, the left front seat can be raised forward and huge legroom is at your disposal. But for a car that looks wide from outside, better things were expected and the swift falls short in rear seat comfort and space.

    Boot space:

    • Hyundai I 20: 8 /10
    • Maruti swift: 5 /10

    Engine and performance:

    • Hyundai I 20: 6 /10
    • Maruti swift: 7 /10

    The I20’s 1197 cc, 16V DOHC kappa engine producing 80 ps and 11.4 kg-m torque. While it is a auperb performer on the i10, remember it has to carry a whole lot of weight on the I20 and for that purpose, it does its job pretty well. Hyundai has tuned this engine more for bottom end response and fuel efficiency than for top end whack and in this parameter, it has its work cut out.
    0-100 is dispatched in about 15.6 seconds and till 120, all is well. After that, there is a significant drop in performance and he engine struggles to reach 140 and labours till itstop end whack of 155-160 kmph.

    The engine is not suitable for highway and lackness the flexibility of both the maruti’s and honda’s motors at high rpms. Overtaking manouvers need to be properly planned and well in advance in this car

    For enthusiasts, look no further than the swift’s all aluminium 1298 cc engine producing 87 ps and 11.5 kg-m torque at high rpms. The G13BB engine, though outdated in design (first appeared in esteem in 1994) is a superb performer and just loves to be revved. This long stroke nature of the motor means that you never find wanting for lack of power at mid and high range, one of the engine’s strengths. Its only at the bottom end that lack of torque can be felt making you to downshift often.
    0-100 kmph comes in about 12.3 seconds and it has a top speed of 160 kmph. Another trait of the motor is that it is superbly refined at idle and soetimes you have to look at the tacho to see if the engine is on.

    My Punto
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    #5 23-Aug, 2009 09:11 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82

    Gearbox (shifting quality):

    • Hyundai I 20: 6 /10
    • Maruti swift: 7 /10

    With the ritz, maruti has gifted a superb gearbox along with the engine and except from the 2nd gear balk, shifts superbly. Its brother, the swift, though sporty shifting, feels a bit heavy on the 2nd and 4th gears and lacks the crispiness of the ritz gearbox.

    Out of the Hyundai siblings, surprisingly it is the getz that has better shifting gearbox as compared to that of the I20. In fact, the getz’s box is simply butter smooth as compared to that of the I20 which balks at 4th and 5th gears and overall shift quality is a bit clunky.

    Fuel efficiency:

    On typical Delhi traffic with 90% AC on, expect these figures:

    Hyundai I20- 7 /10

    •City-11.5 kmpl

    •Highway-15-16 kmpl

    Maruti swift-7 /10

    •City-11.4 kmpl

    •Highway-15-16 kmpl

    Ride quality and stability:

    • Hyundai I 20: 7 /10
    • Maruti swift: 5 /10

    The i20 ride superbly more so due to its modern stiff chassis. Only at low and medium speeds the ride is less than perfect, but Hyundai’s biasness towards suspension tuning more for ride comfort as compared to handling pays dividends at high speeds,where the car feels stable and secure, if not in the league of the Euro duo.

    Out of the marutis, it is surprisingly the smaller ritz that rides better then swift.Low speed ride is good but at high speeds, the tallboy design has serious limitations-one, that you not feel confident enough to drive it and another-bumpy unsettled ride at the back, a common problem with the swift also. At high speeds, the swift is a bit more stable but again, the suspension is clunky and noisy and you can feel every pothole and bump that you encounter.

    Handling and braking:

    • Hyundai I 20: 7 /10
    • Maruti swift: 6 /10

    Maruti’s swift also handles superbly and is a favorite with tuners and enthusiasts alike due to its stiff suspension. But what detracts is again the EPS which has a bit of artificial feel and feels very light at low speeds, like it is disconnected with the chassis. Only when the speeds increase then the full potential of the chassis comes into effect with the steering being communicative.

    The hyundais are no nonsense, beign handling cars. I20 gets the basics done but if you ask too much from the chassis, you will be disappointed. Handling is docile in the i20.The i20 MDPS feels artificial and disconnected to the chassis at high speeds.

    My Punto
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    #6 23-Aug, 2009 09:22 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82

    Buying and owning

    • Hyundai I 20: 8 /10
    • Maruti swift: 9 /10

    Maruti that has understood this aspect very well and all their parts are cheap, easily available and workshops at almost all the territories means that buying a maruti means peace of mind. Moreover, many workshops also show interest towards customer satisfaction which automatically reflects on its resale value, on par with the industry best.
    Maruti offers a 2 year 40,000 km warranty, which can be extended to 4 year 80,000,km on nominal charge.

    Hyundai dealers also provide competent, hassle free ownership experience but some workshops charge very high labour rates, so it makes sense to scout for a decent workshop before getting th car serviced. Though many Hyundais have decent resale price.
    The I20 is expected to offer better resale due to its recent design and reasonable demand.
    Hyundai offers a 2 year unlimited mileage warrenty which can be extended to 5 years or 1 lakh km depending upon the model.

    Summing up:

    The swift is a good all rounder with good equipment levels, VFM price, amazing after sales service and industry best resale value. Combination of performance and mileage is also worth noting but it loses in crucial factors like rear seat comfort, outdated engine which is about to be replaced, and most importantly, the body which though has proven itself, still does not feel well screwed together. Wait for the new KB series swift which is expected to change games drastically.

    The I20, on the other hand will appeal to those who want a safe, spacious and comfortable car with lots of features and do some highway runs. Though the engine is uninspiring, it more than makes up with decent mileage, stability and the peace of mind that comes with the hyundai badge, making it easy to live with.

    The smaller yet significant things in I20

  • The 1.2L engine was chosen for tax benefits. Those benefits don’t seem to equate into a competitive price though.
  • Hyundai’s new age styling is definitely a step in the right direction. Most of their new designs have a broader appeal, compared to the quirky ones of the last decade.
  • Chocolate-brown interior tone is not to everyone’s taste.
  • Integrated music system is USB / AUX ready. Average sound quality.
  • Multi-information display throws out data on song name, temperature, trip meter, driving time and calendar.
  • Boot capacity of 295 liters is good. Moreover, the rear seat can be split 60:40.
  • 1.2 liter unit leaves the engine bay looking rather empty.
  • Huge glove box. Refrigerated too.
  • Interior plastic quality, more so of the dashboard, is strictly average.
  • Front end draws inspiration from the Mercedes SLK!
  • Unique seat upholstery seems to be abuse-friendly.
  • Overtaking on the highway needs planning, thanks to the puny 1.2 liter petrol.
  • The absence of a large transmission tunnel elevates rear seat comfort levels.
  • Chunky steering wheel is nice to hold.
  • Large dials are easy to read. RPM meter perfectly positioned to the left.
  • Hyundai logo is integrated onto the rear hatch lever.
  • Most reviewers complained about a lifeless second gear. A more suitable ratio is the need of the hour.
  • Dead pedal is a boon on long drives.
  • Air-con vents for the rear passengers placed under the front seats. Only directed toward the feet.
  • Export variants are shod with 15 inch wheels. A worthy upgrade.
  • Wide rear bench can hold three passengers in acceptable comfort. On the flip side, it is set a tad too low. Ingress / egress can pose a problem to the elderly

  • My Punto
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    #7 23-Aug, 2009 09:23 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82

    The smaller yet significant things in Swift

  • Maruti needs to work on build precision. Quality is inconsistent.
  • Fun to drive. Very sharp chassis.
  • Small rear windscreen hampers rear vision.
  • Owners felt the lack of a dead pedal.
  • Driver enjoys fantastic ergonomics.
  • Petrol engine / gearing is better suited to an open road than a traffic jam.
  • Effective air-con system.
  • Red needles on backlit orange meters look cool.
  • Inaccurate fuel gauge (steady till half level and then suddenly down).
  • Cubby holes offer convenience.
  • Rear end steps out under hard braking. Thin stock tyres. Upgrade highly recommended.
  • No split seat at the rear limits practicality.
  • Stock headlight bulbs not powerful. Upgrade recommended. Foglights are weak too.
  • Firm gearshift takes getting used to. 
  • Some owners reported a 1st and 2nd gear shifting problem. 
  • Even though said test drive both the cars for u r satisfaction.

    This will help during test drive



    The I20 has a waiting period of 30 days and as it is a new model has no discounts and some freebies.

    Swift is due for a new engine upgrade.

    My Punto
    Last Updated: 23-Aug, 2009 09:26 AM, by bhardwaj
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    #8 23-Aug, 2009 10:29 AM
    Joined Date: 10 Jul 2009
    Location: Hyderabad
    Posts: 2060
    Likes: 82


    Here are the prices.

    Option 1

    Hyundai i20 Magna( New Delhi ) on road price Rs 5,24,947.

    Option 2

    Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi (ABS)( New Delhi ) on road price Rs 5,00,600.

    Option 3

    Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXi( New Delhi ) on road price Rs 5,64,111.

    Option 4

    Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi( New Delhi ) on road price Rs 4,30,057.


    F.E - i20 > Swift

    Exterior - Swift > i20

    Chassis engineering - Swift > i20

    Build Quality - i20 > Swift

    Interior design and quality - i20 > Swift

    Space and comfort - i20 > Swift

    Boot space - i20 > Swift

    Engine and performance - Swift > i20

    Gearbox (shifting quality) - Swift > i20

    Ride quality and stability - i20 > Swift

    Handling and braking - i20 > Swift

    Buying and owning - Swift > i20

    If ur are a performance lover then go for the swift.

    I drive u car in the city and want large boot , comfort and fully loded features with some high way driving the I20 is suitable.

    My Punto
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    #9 23-Aug, 2009 11:17 AM
    Anant Suryavanshi
    Joined Date: 03 Jul 2009
    Location: New Delhi
    Posts: 285
    Likes: 0


     i20 is  better  than swift in other acpects apart from performence and its worth spending more money on it, if one can afford to. i20 is better on interiors,its more spacious/comfortable,has better ride,better build quality.Hyandai's ASS is almost next to maruti and i have heard that service qualty is better than maruti. 

    ABS is a safety feature and is useful for small cars and is good to have in a car if one can afford to.Though it has not got that significant role to play on dry city roads (speeds below 40 kmph).    It is useful on highways and wet conditions,you have more control on car in wet conditions and can steer while braking.  ABS basically does is, it prevents wheels from locking (and car from skiding) during hard braking.

    It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.
    Last Updated: 23-Aug, 2009 11:19 AM, by Anant
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    #10 23-Aug, 2009 11:35 AM
    New Arrival
    Joined Date: 30 May 2009
    Location: Chennai
    Posts: 12
    Likes: 0

    Apart from the ones listed, I guess the major factor to be considered here is the waiting period for Swift... Looks like customers have to wait for a min of 4 months for the delivery. So, if you are prepared for it, you can think about Swift... Atleast thats the situation in Chennai...

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