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    Much better than Vento, Rapid, City and specially Verna and Ciaz.

    6 months ago | Karan Kapoor
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    This is one of a kind cars. It is much better than Vento, Rapid, City and specially Verna and Ciaz. BUYING EXPERIENCE: I bought it from Jeep Karnal though I live in Gurgaon. And the experience was okay. RIDING EXPERIENCE: Now, this is why I bought this car. An amazing car. Touched 200km/hr while getting this car home from the showroom. Handling is good. Stability is excellent, As good as Toyota Corolla. Braking is good. Feels like you are driving a car above this segment. Steering is a little hard, I know it's hydraulic but it could have been better. The reason for it being hard is because the car is heavy, strongly built and also the tyres are wide which gives a lot of stability and comfort. LOOKS & INTERIOR: I really like the exterior look of the car. With chrome finish it looks more elegant and sophisticated. Though even other cars are beautifully made. Upholstery is amazing. It's same as JEEP compass limited edition. Infotainment system could have been better but at this price you do not get anything more even in a hatchback. SERVICE: I know it will be bad but then if you are a Car lover, you will know how to maintain it. Fuel consumption is high because of the T jet engine and its performance. CRUX: Once you have driven the T Jet model, the only cars that can compete will be Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic. Don't think you can buy a City, Verna or Ciaz after driving this. Maintenance will be expensive because you get a high power generating engine. The torque produced by this engine is more than that of Corolla, Elantra or Civic so yes, expect the service cost like that.
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