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All About electric cars

As we become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly vehicles have emerged as an attractive alternative to regular fuel vehicles. These not only let users enjoy high fuel efficiency but also allow them to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Global electric vehicle sales figures for Quarter 1 2016 highlight that plug-in sales in 2016 totaled to 180,500 units till date. This is approximately an increase of 42% as compared to the same period of time in 2015.

Increase in no. of EVs sold over the period of 5-10 years (Global)

The above figures, it should be noted, are with regard to all-electrics (EVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and also light-commercial electric vehicles.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint

    The environmental impact of an electric car is zero which means you're reducing your carbon footprint
  • Cost Saving

    Being green, efficient and clean does not mean that the 'mileage' of Evs is compromised.
  • Clean Environment

    Electric cars put curb on noise pollution. Electric vehicles do not have a tail pipe, they give off no emissions.

Featured Articles

Advantages of using an EV
Advantages of using an EV
Electric vehicles today have become more than just a growing trend or something that is fashionable to be seen in. In the face of growing pollution concerns from traditional power sources, they have been called the future and in the next 10-15 years the ratio of electric to ICE could switch sides very easily. Every major automaker now has a focussed EV programme and we can expect to see them across the price range very soon. When the time comes you too should switch to electric vehicles, and here are some advantages of doing the same.
  1. You are conserving the environment
    While the batteries, that are an integral part of an EV, can debatably be thought of as polluting, emission free usage means you are giving nature a chance to combat the ill effects of what has taken place so far. In a busy and crowded city road your electric car is a clean green zone among the other groups of heat shimmers.
  2. Savings on costs
    While the battery powering the EV may cost a lot, it is an investment that comes to fore only after 5 years or more. What you save instead is the cost of filling up the car with fossil fuels. Sure, you would have to pay for the electricity at home but even that with renewable sources is still more cost effective. Moreover, the maintenance cost of EVs is more than 60% lesser than that of IC engine cars, purely because less moving parts mean lesser chances of parts getting damaged.
  3. Savings on time
    Long queues at petrol pumps and with the recent demonetisation, frequent troubles to find cash, these aren’t things that EVs let you worry about. With easy home charge options you wouldn’t have to struggle with fuel, cash or time shortage. In more developed countries the public infrastructure for charging has also matured to become wide spread and dependable.
  4. Reduce noise pollution
    Yes, sure we all love our loud cars as they make our special places warm and excited. But to have to take this on a daily basis on crowded roads and that too with people literally leaning on their horns, no way! Silence is peace of mind and that is something an electric car can give you in spades thanks to its quiet nature.
  5. Looks
    In the nascent stage of car building everything looked quirky or was long and beautiful. That is where EVs are today as you have a wide range like the eccentric Mahindra e2o or the practical e2oPlus, going right up to the Maserati inspired Tesla range of cars. If looks are in your books then EVs are the thing to go for as they do stand out against the run-of the mill cars.
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Mahindra Electric Vehicles

  • Mahindra e2oPlus
  • Mahindra eVerito
  • Mahindra e2oPlus
  • Mahindra e2oPlus
Mahindra e2oPlus
Mahindra e2oPlus is a 100% electric car perfect for city drive. At just 70p/km, e2oPlus beats almost all other cars on running costs. The All-Electric Mahindra e2oPlus comes with a range of 140 km for its P8 variant. The e2oPlus comes with accelerated depreciation benefits of up to Rs 1.6 lakhs in the first year itself. Loaded with state of the art technology like telematics and remote diagnostics, the e2oPlus is one car that you can drive and still reduce the carbon footprint"
Environment friendly features of e2oPlus
Outsmart Pollution
Save the Environment with Zero Tail Pipe Emission
Zero emission
Reduce carbon footprint
No polluting paints
Outsmart Inconvenience
Make Connectivity Work for you
Remote Diagnostics
Multiple charging points
Customized App control
Outsmart Congestion
Zip Through the City on a Hassle Free Drive
Regenerative Braking Technology
Small turning radius of 4.35m
Instant torque for maximum momentum
Make your Drive Pocket Friendly
Lowest running cost
Accelerated Depreciation Benefits
Direct Drive Transmission
  • Mahindra eVerito
  • Mahindra eVerito
  • Mahindra eVerito
Mahindra eVerito
Now enjoy the luxury of being electric and connected. Powered by the latest EV drive train from Mahindra Electric, this sedan offers an exceptionally smooth and noiseless driving experience with first-in-class features like regenerative braking and telematics. The eVerito can be charged at home and can also be quick charged in 1 hour 45 mins*.
Zero Emissions - Because the eVerito is a Battery Electric Vehicle, it has zero tail pipe emissions. In fact it doesn't even have a tailpipe. Making it completely emission-free. Regenerative Braking - This revolutionary technology (First in India) charges the eVerito's battery every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy it dispenses.
Read More
Environment friendly features of eVerito

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