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Expiry Dates and Auto Parts.

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Car parts expired.Nothing lasts forever. Not even auto parts. Here's our checklist on what will need replacing.

Although it isn't a habit with most of us, checking the date of manufacture or expiry date of anything one buys is a generally wise thing to do. And believe it or not, this advice applies to car parts and accessories too. Like all things man-made, these too have a finite life, after which they may either not work as effectively as they should or even require immediate replacement.

A typical belief is that if your car is maintained properly it will keep working just as well. But one needs to get out of the “don’t-fix-it-if-it-isn't-broken” mind frame, as running a car with aging components will surely invite bigger servicing bills later. This happens as the aging part affects the proper working of other components which then start to age at a much faster pace than normal.

Here is a checklist for those who believe that car parts, last as long as the car's life.

1. Child Seats

Child Seats

Child seats are not made to last forever. Over time the base of the seat can develop cracks which may shatter in a crash, and belts can become slightly elastic after years of use. Most seats have the date of expiry or manufacture stamped on the seat base. As a general rule the seat will expire 6 years after the date of manufacture.


2. AC Refrigerant

AC Refrigerant

Ideally, the car conditioner should be checked on an annual basis. One should check the air conditioning system in the vehicle if the air coming out of the AC vents is not cold enough (it should be really cold). Nonetheless a gas recharge is recommended from time to time.


3. Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filter life depends on the quality of the air in the area where the car is mostly driven and can vary quite a bit. But generally it will need replacement after a car has been driven 25,000km to 30,000km. A sure sign that your cabin filter needs a replacement is when you turn on the defrost but the air flow in the cabin is very weak. Also when you turn the blower switch to high, the noise level goes up but the air flow from the vent remains weak or low.


4. Air Bags

Air Bags

Airbags and seat tighteners should be changed every 10 to 15 years. But if there are visible tear in the belts then change immediately.


5. Air Filter

Air Filter

Normally one should change it every 20,000km or after a year, whichever comes first. Clogged air filters affect the fuel-air mix. Expiry date is mentioned in the manual or check with the car dealer or the manufacturer.

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