Road Test: Tata Indigo CS [2008-2011]

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The CS has lots of grip, but is nervous at high speed.

Ride and handling

Tata cars have had good ride, especially since the suspension was revised in 2004. The CS is no exception. It rides really very well in the city, absorbing all but the biggest bumps and potholes without transmitting shocks into the cabin. The suspension does transmit a fair bit of noise to the occupants. Handling has been sacrificed at the altar of ride quality, but it fits the car’s target market. The car grips well enough, but it isn’t confidence-inspiring in corners, what with the body roll and numb steering. The steering is numb, and not as accurate as we would’ve liked. Ground clearance isn’t an issue with this car. One peculiar thing is that the car does get affected by crosswinds or sudden gusts if you overtake someone at relatively high speed – 140kmph +. You can almost feel the rear want to step out of line and this may have something to do with the aerodynamics thanks to the stubby new rear end and not the suspension setup.

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