Road Test: Skoda Yeti [2010-2014]

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The summer sun is scorching the northern part of the country and that is exactly where we are based out of. Just like in any other car, the air conditioning unit on the Yeti has to work overtime to keep us cool. So is it any good?

The Yeti gets a dual zone climate control system. This enables the two front occupants to set temperatures for their side of the car. So while the driver can enjoy a cool 19 degrees, the passenger can go for a less chilling 24 degrees. The large screen on the dash tells you about your selection. Also, at low blower speeds, the air con is barely audible. If the car is parked in the shade, then a fan speed of 2 is sufficient for cooling. However if the car has been busy sun bathing, then it takes a while to cool down. This is also because of the Yeti's large greenhouse.

Meanwhile vents at the back are positioned in the centre for the rear passenger. But the small vents are not good enough to blow cool air directly onto passengers. Moreover having someone in the centre at the back means that the air coming out of the vent is blocked by his knees. Overall though the air con is effective even in the harsh north Indian summer. All it takes is to run the AC on blower speed 3 to cool quickly.

The other thing which is just perfect on the Yeti is its reversing aid. The reverse sensor has a beeper, which is clearly audible. What's more , if you  have the music player blaring, the moment you put it in reverse, the volume automatically lowers. The system also offers visual guidance. Sure it does not get a camera, but the display on screen has blue markers to let you know that it is safe to back up and red markers when you are getting too close for comfort. While you have the option of switching this aid off, we recommend that you don't. For there are sensors in the front bumper also that tell you if you're getting too close to the vehicle in front.


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