Road Test: Skoda Superb [2009-2014]

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    ABS with EBD helps stop the Superb fairly quickly. 80-0kph takes 2.8 seconds and 36.7 metres for the petrol, and 3.1 seconds and 39.0 metres for the diesel. They bite well, have good feedback and are progressive.

At low speeds, the Superb V6’s brakes feel a little too sharp to be comfortable. If the driver isn’t smooth and careful with his foot, everyone in the car will lurch forward in their seats. However, this immediacy of the brakes is much appreciated at speed, especially considering the silly speeds this car is capable of achieving at the drop of a hat.


    Goodyear Eagle NCT 5s connect the Superb with the road. The 205/55 R16 rubber offers decent grip, is quiet at speed and progressive on the limit.

The Superb V6 sports 225/45 R17 Pirelli PZero Rossos. These Pirelli were soft and refused to give up even at speeds above 200kph. Tread noise on smooth concrete and tar roads was extremely low. The Superb V6's wheels have a different design when compared to the other Superbs.

    There’s VW thoroughness engineered into the Superb, so eight airbags are on offer, along with ABS and a host of other features like cornering headlamps. Euro-model Superbs have some space-age safety features like headlamps that change their beam pattern according to the weather conditions, but the Indian market hasn’t got those to cut down on costs. Watch the Superb's EuroNCAP video below.


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