Road Test: Skoda Superb [2009-2014]

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This is a large car but you won’t notice it right away. Its enormity will only sneak up on you when you park it in a public parking lot next to a Fiesta or Accent, walk away, and turn around to look at those beautiful headlamps. You will then realise that the nose is sticking out too far, so you'll walk back to check how far from the wall you are, and discover that you’ve parked it perfectly. It then hits you – it really is that much longer than the car next to it! The design is revolutionary in some aspects, but they’ve retained a few old design cues, like the grille and the clean sides. The rest of the car now has that ‘wow’ factor that the previous Superb so sorely lacked. The lines on the bonnet, the headlamps, even the new tail-lamps make heads turn.

There should a picture of the Superb V6 in the dictionary, right next to the word ‘sleeper’. The only visible differences that the V6 offers compared to its four-cylinder siblings are a unique paint shade called “Platin Grey” that is a blue-gray metallic shade and wheels that sport more spokes than the other two variants. The Superb manages to look good even though a less sober colour would have been nice for the quickest Skoda ever made. The quad exhaust tips hint at what lies under the hood, but there is no other hint at all that you’ve paid nearly Rs 30 lakh for your Superb. The boy racers in us are rubbing their hands in glee at the surprise and bewilderment that shows on people’s faces when you take off at the lights, or they hear the engine rev, but most of the time it flies under the radar – and we’re not so sure that’s a good thing in our market.

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