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A user review on Mahindra Verito. Written by Sandeep on 17 November, 2011

Price: ₹ 6.32 - 7.66 lakhs
Ex-showroom, New Delhi
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Version Reviewed : 1.5 D4 BS-III [2011-2012]
Purchased As : New
Familiarity : Have driven a few thousands kilometres
Fuel Economy : 23 kpl
Good : Excellent Fuel economy, Sturdyness, Space
Bad : Hard clutch (so far)

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Exterior After 6 months full of thoughts, advises, reviews, dealer visits & test drives, I finally purchased Verito D4 in Diamond White Colour on 20th October 2011. I have test driven Fabia, Manza, Indigo, Punto, Swift, Rits, Polo, Vista, Etios & Liva. I cancelled my booking of Swift which was to be delivered on 24th October (Dhanteras). Today my odo clocked at 1054 in the morning. Appealling front, black roofrails, chrome designing on butt, double side biddings, I dont understand how people name this vehicle "BOXY LOOK". I find it very appealling, sporty and gentle.

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Though the switches of power windows, wipers & lights are on odd sides, but within 20 days I became familiar to them and now I can operate them with closed eyes. Apart these, every thing is well placed, smooth & solid. However, there is no place for a water bottle which is needed anyway. On the other hand, if we see the space, it feels like we are sitting in some spacious room or something. I have my wife, two kids and my mother in my family and there is no problem in sitting in this big vehicle. Rather we can adjust another person on back seat.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine is very smooth and responsive. Though the pick up is not so great as in swift, but there is alway a feeling of responsibility in its pick up. The vehicle dont zip like toddlers, but really behave like matured and responsible MAN. And once it is out of second gear, the great feeling to be in a sturdy and posh vehicle comes and really, driver do not want to stop enjoying the pleasure of driving this beautiful powerful machine. If we come to fuel economy, I was expecting it to be around 18-19 kmpl in city conditions. But with great pleasurable surprise, it is delivering more than 22 kmpl in cramp traffic conditions of festivals and marriages and moreover, since its purchase, I am driving in city and yet to touch any highway. And this is only beginning as it ran only 1000 kms and FE tends to rise after 1st or 2nd service. It is literally beyond my expectations and really welcome. Regarding gear shifting, I need to place that I have never driven any luxury vehicle like above 10 lacs and till purchase of this vehicle, I was driving Maruti Zen for the last 8 years and gear shifting of Verito is no less than of that. I find it smooth and upto the mark and never faced any problem. 

Ride Quality & Handling Ride quality is excellent. However, I am feeling that the clutch is somehow hard and should have been more smooth so as to reduce effort in bumper to bumper traffic condition. On being asked for this, the company people told that it will be smoother after 2nd service or say after 5000 kms.

Final Words As I stated in my heading, "it delivers nothing beyond your requirements", this vehicle fulfill all your requirements whether fuel economy, durability, sturdiness, sedan car, exterior looks or so on. Now only if u think of silly amenities like Bluetooth, steering mounted audio controls, rear AC vents, double blower etc. etc., u find this awsome vehicle less than ur expectation. Another thing I need to reveal that the reason of its low road presence is only its low road presence. I mean than v people decide to purchase the vehicle on our friends or relatives advise / looking neighbours, coulleagues purchasing which vehicle and never apply the common sense that v are going to purchase the vehicle with our hard money and for our convenience. And I am sure, as soon as people become learnt qualities of this vehicle, u will see it everywhere.

Areas of improvement As I said, clutch should be more smooth and light right from 1st kilometer driving. Apart from these, one or two bottle space need to be incorporated in interiors.


So, my odo now clocked at 7300 km mark and i driven this vehicle for one long journey from Jaipur to Jammu. And i could not believe at once, it delivered a overall mileage of more than 26 kmpl. Its more than amazing n surprising to me. Moreover, the AC was on all the time. I m very much happy with my choice. The hard clutch softened very much and the pick up in 1/2nd gear improved drastically. Now it zooms even in 1/2nd gear. On highways, though i drive between the range of 90-100 km/h but whenever needed, the vehicle responded beautifully, particularly at the time of overtaking. And as it is already more than five months of ownership of this awesome machine, i have full confidence n control over it and over my driving. I keep saying myself GREAT CHOICE SANDEEP.  

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M Bajaj on 30 Mar, 2012 at 11:53 AM

Dear Sandeep,

Gr8 review. I have always been saying that logan/Verito is the most underrated car in this country.

Only because it looks boxy (my opinion) incomparison to Dzire/Manza/Sunny etc, ppl do not want to buy this car.

Pls do post some pics of your car man !! Also, tell us how much you spend on the servicing of the car

Sandeep on 30 Mar, 2012 at 11:30 AM

This review is updated

Sandeep on 17 Nov, 2011 at 04:21 PM

Dear Friends,

I have written a review on Mahindra Verito and look forward to your comments on it.

Review Link: It delivers nothing beyond your requirements 


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