Road Test: Nissan Teana

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The Nissan Teana is a luxury sedan which is spacious, has good ride and handling characteristics and would meet all the requirements to be a comfortable chauffeur-driven car. Then there’s the silky V6! However, that’s just one-side of the story. There are a number of other cars in this segment, which offer similar (or more) features at a lesser price-point, which does make it difficult for Nissan to attract a significant number of customers. Nissan hasn’t yet gained the reputation that a Skoda, Honda or a Toyota have achieved in the minds of Indian consumers – especially in this price-band. The Nissan Teana 250XV (top-end spec car) that we drove comes at Rs 25 lakhs and the base version is priced at Rs 22lakhs, both ex-showroom Mumbai. At that price, we feel Teana is significantly more expensive (and slightly less value) considering that you could buy a Superb, which comes with more spacious rear seats, an efficient diesel engine, and of course a lower price tag. Also, a customer in this segment would be looking for extraordinary customer service and a hassle-free ownership experience, not to mention a certain level of snob value associated with the badge. We feel, Nissan should really re-think the pricing on the Teana (and the X-Trail!) if they are to make a dent in the segment. Everyone knows that they are serious about India as a market, but they need to reinforce that fact further. They’ve really got great products and the Teana can be quite a success – if only they’d do something about the price.


Test Data

Engine Specifications

2496cc petrol engine View specifications

Speedo Error

Speedo Reading (kph) Actual Speed (kph)
40  36.5
60  55.7
80  75.5
100  95.1
120  114.4
140  133.1

Max in Gear

Gear Speed (kph)
6th -

Performance Test Data

Top Speed 220kph
0-60kph  5.5secs
0-100kph  10.8secs
Quarter Mile (402m)  17.9secs@133.7kph
Braking 80-0kph  29.3m
30-50kph in 3rd  3.1secs
30-50kph in 4th  
50-70kph in 5th  3.3secs

Fuel Efficiency

  City Highway Overall Worst
Mileage (kpl)      7.68  


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