Road Test: Nissan Teana

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Pop the hood and you’ll find a 2496cc, V6 petrol engine (VQ25DE) shoehorned in the Teana that can produce a massive 182 bhp@6000 rpm and 228 Nm@4400rpm of torque powering the wheels through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which basically means infinite gear ratios. Nissan engineers have kept the NVH fairly low and this engine, just like some of its siblings is silky smooth and fairly free revving. It does have a nice rasp as you edge towards the six thousand mark on the rev counter.

The CVT even has a sport mode where the gear ratio changes at a higher revs like the sports mode in other autoboxes. The Low range (L) is another feature seen on this CVT box. On test, the car touched the 100kph run in just 10.8s and the 30-50kph in 2.8s and 50-70kph in 2.9s in the Sport mode..

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