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Maruti holds back salaries of 2000 employees

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 2:11 PM by
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 Maruti holds back salaries of 2000 employees
Maruti Suzuki Swift


Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) will not pay salaries to over 2000 of its employees until the lockout declared at its Manesar plant is rolled back. An MSIL official said that during the riots the protestors destroyed a lot of IT equipment which maintained the employee records, including the payrolls. He added that this has led to a situation where the company currently has no records of its workers and would only be able to pay them once the data was retrieved.

In this regard, chief operating officer (administration), S Y Siddiqui said that as per the rules no employee would be paid till the lockout was revoked. This move has been met with dismay and disappointment by the workers. However, the wages of the workers at the Gurgaon plant will be given as per schedule. 

Reassuring its commitment to bringing the situation at the Manesar plant back to normal, the Harayana government has offered gunmen as protection force for many of MSIl’s employees who were still feeling threatened by the situation. 

RS Dalal, Haryana DGP, said that it had sent a proposal to the automaker to provide a list of employees seeking protection and added that many of those who were likely to seek the protection were potential witnesses.  A large police battalion has also been deployed in the area to keep vigil.

Meanwhile, the MSIl will kick off psychological and psychiatric counseling later this week for those employees affected by the violence in an effort to rehabilitate them and in this regard it had formed a team comprising employees from various departments of the company to assist in the process. 

Source: TimesOfIndia



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