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Q&A with Mr. Ashish Chordia, Director, Porsche India

Thursday, July 22, 2010 6:27 PM by
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Q&A with Mr. Ashish Chordia, Director, Porsche India

We got talking to Mr. Ashish Chordia, Director, Porsche India who gave us quiet a few pointers as to what we can expect from the brand and also how important India is for the brand.

Q. After the launch of the Cayenne, can we expect anything more from the Porsche stables this year?

A. Well, we’ve just launched the new Porsche Cayenne and we’re very excited about this brand new model. While we will not be bringing in anything else this year, you can look forward to something new in 2011.

Q. The Porsche Cayenne is your top selling model here in India. Considering Porsche is known for its luxurious sports cars why do we not see more Boxsters and 911s on the roads?

A. Besides the Cayenne, we have sold several sports cars as well. It is just that the sportscars are not spotted much on the streets during the daytime. These cars rarely come out on city streets during the day.

Q. What plans do you have for bringing the Porsche Club to India?

A. The Porsche Club is a club for Porsche owners run by Porsche dealers in most countries and we definitely plan to bring it to India. For being able to do that, we require to have a certain number of Porsche car owners here in India.

Q. Are you aware of any other unofficial Porsche Club in India?

A. No, however ,there is the Super Car Club but that encompasses all Supercars and not just Porsches.

(As told to Rachna Tyagi)

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