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What does power PS@rpm and torgue Nm@rpm mean

could u give me the full form and what is that comparision like.

Asked by Aditya (Hyderabad) 2702 day(s) ago

PS is the BHP(Brake Horse power) os the vehicle

eg: 100PS@5500rpm means the vehicle delivers 100bhp of max power when the engine runs at 5500rpm(revolutions per minute)

PS and BHP are unit of power

NM or KGM are units of torque

130NM@2000rpm means the vehicle delivers max torque of 130 NM(Newton meter) at 2000 rpm

130NM can also be written as 13Kgm(Kilogram meter)

Answered by Shalu Janardhan 2702 day(s) ago

AND..... PS stands for "Pferde Starke" which is a german word and means Horse Power.

Answered by anurag 2702 day(s) ago
Engines do not have peak power available to you ALL the time. Power and torque peak at different RPMs. Some cars feel sluggish because they have lower torque and/or power at lower RPMs, but the same cars may be great performers at getting from a high speed to an even higher one. This is especially true of most indirect injection diesels.

When a manufacturer claims that they have a 100hp (or ps) engine, they have to specify at what RPM they managed to measure that power.
Answered by Vinay Rao (Bangalore) 2698 day(s) ago

Which is more

Power (PS@rpm) 67@5500 65@6200
Torque (Nm@rpm) 99@2800 84@3500

Answered by Rajiv Sinha 2426 day(s) ago

excuse me guys:

Mathematically different from the British unit

1 Power PS = 0.986 Bhp

Pferde Stärke = Horse Strength (German)

Answered by Qais 1962 day(s) ago
which is greater torque 132nm@3000rpm or 162@2000rpm
Answered by Selvin.J (Cuddalore) 1356 day(s) ago

What is PS and Torgue ratio in following sedans and which one is better.

1) Honda City

2) Toyata Etios

3) Hyndai Accent

4) Tata Manza

5) Fiat Linea

Answered by Tsgada 1275 day(s) ago
1.Hyundai Accent Executive - Power (PS@rpm) - 95@5500 , Torque ( Nm@rpm) - 125@3500
2.Honda City 2008 1.5 V MT Exclusive - Power (PS@rpm) - 118@6600 , Torque ( Nm@rpm) - 146@4600
3.Fiat Linea T-Jet Plus - Power (PS@rpm) - 114@5000 , Torque ( Nm@rpm) - 207@2200
4.Tata Manza New Aura ABS Quadrajet - Power (PS@rpm) - 90@4000 , Torque ( Nm@rpm) - 200@1750
5. Toyota Etios - Power (PS@rpm) - 90@5600 , Torque ( Nm@rpm) - 132@3000

Fiat Linea T-Jet Plus has got much better power comparing to all other cars here.
Answered by Samsuree 1275 day(s) ago
There was a question:

Power (PS@rpm)     67@5500     65@6200        
Torque (Nm@rpm) 99@2800     84@3500

In order to compare you could divide Numerator by Denominator
            Engine 1                     Engine 2
Power: 67/5500 =.012           65/6200=.010
Torque: 99/2800= .035          84/3500= .024

Clearly Engine 1 is more powerful as it is able to generate more power at less rpm and more torque at less rpm.

Answered by hemant sharma 1228 day(s) ago
ps is a confusing unit of power.its german meaning 'pfarde starke' its about 1.33 percent higher than bhp.manufactureres use this to get a higher figure in terms of power.indian authorities use only BHP AND KG/CM2 for power and torque.if anybody wants to have more evidence on this topic i am ready to connect.I M A MECHINICAL ER AND A MARINE ER
Answered by Virinder Tiwari 1227 day(s) ago
Answered by Ankur (Bhopal) 1113 day(s) ago
sir iam an engineering student who is planning to buy a new bike broucher says bajaj discover is best than hh splendor + one of the +point is it has got 7.7ps@7500 rpm while hhs+ got only 7.5ps@8000 rpm what does that mean?? it this ps vs speed ratio useful when we apply brakes??
Answered by Ravi Sankar 1042 day(s) ago
hai guys...
PS is a german word and it is stands for "pferdestrake". it is meant by BHP in german units.

U buy a new car or bike , u mainly consider this factors:
1.power=PS is high/RPM is low.
2torque=NM is high/RPM is low.

for example:

             vehicle1                               vehicle2
1.  power=95ps@4000rpm   power=90ps@5000rpm
2. torque=100ps@3000rpm    torque=105ps@3500rpm

  The vehicle1 is best than vehicle2.
Answered by Boopathi.E 909 day(s) ago
Answered by Pradeep Nailwal 621 day(s) ago
100PS@5500RPM 130NM@2000RPM Same-BHP/HP/PS/KW NM/KGM
Answered by Somnathbarik 477 day(s) ago
Check this webpage:
Answered by Manik Sood 458 day(s) ago
what is torgue means ? can engine have high toruge with less HP and less rpm ? how it generate ?
Answered by San (Ahmedabad) 256 day(s) ago